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Studying Economics at SOAS University of London

Facts and figures

in UK for course satisfaction Guardian League Tables 2021 and 5th in London Complete University Guide 2021


  • Pluralist and applied approach to the study of economics
  • 85% overall satisfaction (NSS 2016) from our undergraduates
  • 88% teaching quality (NSS 2016) from our undergraduates
  • 15th for Economics in UK, 3rd for student-staff ratio (Guardian Good University Guide 2014)
  • Formal lectures and small seminar and tutorial classes


Alumni and student stories

  • "SOAS is a prime environment to widen one's horizons and perspectives on a variety of issues, topics and debates."

    As far as a fully comprehensive experience of academia, debate, culture, friendships and extra-curricular goes - SOAS is the place to be. The degree I achieved in Economics and Chinese has always been a big part of my journey, and I am glad I chose it. Economics will always provide a fundamental grounding in understanding the world better, and as for Chinese - well it's the future.

  • "SOAS is a World class organisation, with not only state of art teaching facilities but also a wide ranging mix of students, ranging from various parts of the globe"

    SOAS is a place that accepts everyone for who they are, and where your individual talents are encouraged to shine. I do not regret my hesitant decision to come to SOAS, and hopefully, neither will you.

  • "SOAS is unlike most other places in the UK. It definitely has a unique feeling to it, being a relatively small university, and has a much friendlier atmosphere than larger more impersonal universities"

    One of the highlights of my course has been having the opportunity to study for one year at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. It was really daunting at first but there is no better way to learn a language than to totally immerse yourself in it and you learn all about the society and culture that you’re living in.

  • "SOAS is an amazing place, it has the most interesting lectures and events pertaining to a whole range of relevant issues."

    While being lectured in class by world experts in the field of development, SOAS events have also allowed me to hear and meet some of the originators of many of the ideas taught in class! Being at SOAS almost feels like being seated at the forefront of policy debate and this is what I enjoy the most.

  • "SOAS is a place where people find a home, and that is why so many, like myself, always seem to return; be it to study, protest, debate, or even just have a cup of tea."

    The Economics MSc offered by SOAS is unique in a number of ways. We house some of the most respected heterodox economists in the world, who respect and engage with every student. At SOAS you are encouraged to not play by the rules, and the level of critique of both theory and empirics at which you are expected to engage makes the programme like no other in the UK. The variety of course options, from hard-core microeconomics to economics of the environment, means that all interests are covered. This, for me, is truly special.

  • "SOAS is just the perfect place for people who want to fly high and dream big."

    I felt most proud when, being at SOAS, I gained more knowledge about the development issues and growth of my country Pakistan than I had back at home.

  • "I am considering postgraduate education within my specialised field and I am hoping to do it in SOAS, not only because I’m getting a world class education, but because I’m addicted!"

    Highly regarded as one of the best educational institutions in the world, SOAS offers world class regional modules in economics and politics in the region of Asia, Africa and the Middle East

  • "SOAS is one of the most happening and interesting places one can ever come across."

    Along with academic excellence, the diversity of this institution makes it a remarkable place and provides us with a great cosmopolitan environment.

  • "One of the aspects that I’ve enjoyed most about my time here is the diversity of all the societies, which cater to all the different interests at SOAS."

    I chose to study at SOAS because it is a well recognised educational institution and a leader in the study of emerging regions of the world such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia which, in my view, is a necessity in a globalised world.

  • "What makes SOAS stand out among all the other universities in the UK (and possibly in the whole world) is its unique set of people."

    What makes SOAS stand out among all the other universities in the UK (and possibly in the whole world) is its unique set of people: students and members of staff who carry within themselves an immense passion for what they are doing.

  • "There are so many subjects at SOAS! This means you are likely to find something that will keep you interested for the next few years."

    SOAS is a unique British university, as it adopts a global view, but specialises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East: something it is very good at. This is evident in the passion and expertise of the teachers, the interests of the students and the many colourful exhibitions and cultural events regularly hosted here.

  • "If I were to summarise SOAS in one sentence it would be that it is a great place to prepare me for the future."

    I chose to study at SOAS because of the interesting course options that cover pertinent topics other leading institutions are yet to cover.

  • "The Department of Economics is very friendly, and the lecturers know each student personally."

    My ambition after university is to pursue a career in banking or asset management. My time at SOAS has given me the confidence to believe that I can tackle this high-pressured area of work and add value.

  • "I have always been fascinated by Asian cultures, so SOAS was my clear choice for postgraduate study. "

    What makes SOAS so unique is its extremely positive atmosphere, where students share a passion for studying remote cultures.

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