Department of Economics

Political Economy Analysis of Food Industry (PEAFI)

Project Information

Principal Investigator

  • Fiorella Picchioni (NRI, University of Greenwich)


  • Christopher Turner (NRI)
  • Sara Stevano (SOAS)
  • Paul Kwame Nkegbe (University for Development Studies)
  • Emmanuel Codjoe (University of Ghana)




  • 2023-2025


The Political Economy Analysis of Food Industry (PEAFI) aims to develop a methodological approach to investigate the influence of the ultra-processed food industry in food systems and nutrition analysis in the African continent.

It integrates the macro and meso levels of analysis critically needed to understand, not only what, but also why and how the consumption of ultra-processed foods is increasing so dramatically.

The project’s overarching objective is to improve the understanding of the political economy of ultra-processed foods complex processes and rules that influence consumption among adolescents in Ghana. Anchored in political economy, human geography and public health nutrition analysis, PEAFI provides a suit of methodological guidelines, data analysis plans, interview guides, frameworks to uncover power dynamics in the food system.

Picture: Fábio Alves via Unsplash.

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