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Ms Yolanda Fernandez Caliani

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Key information

Language Centre Language Coordinator for Chinese and Languages of Africa, Near and Middle East (excl. Arabic), South East Asia, South Asia, Languages of European Origin
Language Centre
Paul Webley Wing (Senate House)
Email address
Telephone number
+44 (0)20 7898 4091
Support hours
Monday to Thursday, 10am - 6pm


Yolanda Fernandez Caliani has been teaching Spanish in London since 1998 in the context of AE, FE and HE, as well as delivering courses on Cultural Studies, Spanish and Latin American Cinema and Principles and Practice of Translation. She has worked as a Language Program Manager at different institutions since 2005 and has provided advice and support to students in relation to examinations, like the DELE or RSA in order to get a Business Certificate. 

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