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Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

Incantation for Dog Bite, read by Michael Streck

Transcription based on the transliteration of the SEAL project, where ref. to the Editio Princeps may be found. Translation as per SEAL project.

Original TranscriptEnglish Translation
1 urruk birkīšu
2 aruh lasāmam
3 īṣ bubūtam
4 etnuš akālam
5 ina šinnīšu
6 e’il nīlšu
7 ašar iššuku
8 mārāšu
9 izzib
1 Long-kneed,
2 Swift-running,
3 Short of victuals,
4 Lacking in food.
5 In his teeth
6 He carries his semen.
7 Wherever he has bitten
8-9 He leaves his offspring.