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English Language Skills Summer Course

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This is an intensive training course intended to help students improve in the skills of academic reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Language Level

The English Language course is offered at different levels from pre-intermediate to advanced. At the start of your course, you will be tested and grouped according to your entry language level.

Click on the Structure tab for more details and to see what structure the lectures will follow


English language requirements: This course is not suitable for beginners or students with elementary level English. Students will be tested on the first day and grouped according to their language level.


Students will Learn:
  • the basic structure and style of an academic essay and how to read English texts more critically and use the ideas in their written and oral arguments
  • what to listen out for in lectures and documentaries and how to take useful notes
  • how to participate more confidently in group discussion work
  • how to give a formal presentation

Alongside these aims, the students will focus on improving their grammatical accuracy in both speaking and writing, and extending both the general and academic English vocabulary.



How to Apply



(31st March 2020): Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we are unable to run the Summer Programme in 2020 and it is, unfortunately, cancelled. The information below is for reference only and we expect to provide details of the programme for 2021 from October onwards.


2020 Course Fees
  • 3 weeks (1 block): £1,500 GBP
  • 6 weeks (2 blocks): £2,900 GBP (save £100*)
  • 9 weeks (3 blocks): £4,000 GBP (save £500*)

*compared to the cost of a 3-week block

Accommodation Fees
  • per 3-week block: £790 GBP

We recommend you apply early, especially if you want accommodation in the SOAS Halls of Residence.

You will be sent an invoice and receipt for the course fees when you have accepted the offer and paid for your place on the course. A letter of registration will also be provided for visa purposes when you have paid the full fees. Refunds of accommodation and course fees are only made at the discretion of SOAS in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any queries, please email



Please fill in the online application form or print off the IFCELS Summer Programme 2020 Application Form (pdf; 147kb)   and post it to:

Head of Department, International Foundation Courses & English Language Studies (IFCELS)
SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
United Kingdom

Please ensure you send a scanned copy of the photo/issue page of your passport with the application.

Summer Pathway Preparation Course PCI 2020 (pdf; 163kb)