SOAS University of London

Data Protection at SOAS

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you a right of access to the data which organizations hold about you, and specifies how that data can be gathered, used and disseminated. SOAS is committed to protecting the rights of individuals under the Data Protection Act.

Using Personal Data in Research: Code of Practice for SOAS Staff and Students
Guidance on how to conduct research involving living individuals in a way which complies with the Data Protection Act and SOAS's Research Ethics Policy.

Data Protection Act: Requesting Access to Personal Data
Explains how to request access to any personal data which SOAS holds about you, including the form which you should use when submitting an access request.

Data Protection Policy
SOAS's Data Protection Policy is binding on all staff and students, and specifies the steps which SOAS is taking to conform to the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Student Data Protection Statement
The statement explains what data SOAS collects about students, who receives the data, how SOAS uses the information, and students' rights and responsibilities in regard to their data.

HESA Student and Staff Data Collection Notices
The notices explain why SOAS has to supply certain data on students and staff to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), and what HESA does with the data.

Development and Alumni Privacy Statement

SOAS's Development, Alumni and External Engagement Privacy Statement sets out how the team collect, use and store personal data, and informs you of your rights under the Data Protection Act.

Guidelines for the Disclosure of Personal Data to Law Enforcement Agencies
Guidance for SOAS staff on how to respond to requests for personal data from the police and other agencies.

Freedom of Information and Data Protection: Guidance for Committee Servicing
Explains the implications of the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act to committee secretaries and chairs, including what should go on open and reserved agendas.

Publication of Staff Details
Explains what information SOAS routinely makes available about its staff, and how staff can opt out.

Further information about your rights under the Data Protection Act is available on the website of the Information Commissioner.