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Georgette Nummelin

BA (SOAS), MSC (UCL), PGCE (Roehampton), Advanced SEN Diploma (Leeds Beckett)
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George Nummelin
Georgette Nummelin
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Using Music to Sustain and Revitalise Ainu Language and Identity
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I am a part time PhD student and an experienced music teacher. Primarily a classical singer and violinist but I am also studying the shamisen. I have an interest in many aspects of Japanese music, playing the shamisen and singing in the SOAS Min'yo group. My spare time is taken up by folk metal and Historical European Martial Arts. 


  • 'Language Revitalisation and the Recreation of Identity through Music: A Case Study on the Ainu', BFE Annual Conference 2017"
  • "Singing Þjóðtrú: Nordic Folklore in Viking and Folk Metal', ICTM Ireland Annual Conference 2016


  • The British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE)


A qualified music teacher with over ten years experience of primary and secondary teaching in the UK and Japan. Extensive PRU and SEN experience.


  • Ethnomusicology
  • Anthropology
  • Minority Languages