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Sophie Chamas

MA (New York University), PhD (University of Oxford)
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Sophie Chamas
Sophie Chamas
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Monday, 11:00-13:00 and Friday, 11:00-13:00
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In Search of Utopia in Post-Political Beirut: The Pragmatic Turn and the Decline of Radical Imaginaries in Activist Lebanon.


Sophie Chamas is finishing up her PhD in Modern Middle East Studies at the University of Oxford, where she was also an Ertegun Scholar. Grounded disciplinary in anthropology, her work focuses on the study of social movements, counter-culture, and political theory and discourse rooted in, focused on or related to the Middle East. Broadly speaking, she is interested in thinking through the life, death and afterlife of the radical political imaginary in the Middle East and beyond. Sophie is also an essayist and writer of creative non-fiction. Her writing has appeared in Kohl: a journal for body and gender research, The State, Raseef 22, Mashallah News, Jadaliyya and The Towner, amongst other publications.


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