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Miho Zlazli

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Miho Zlazli
Miho Zlazli
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A case study of Master-Apprentice initiative in the context of Ryukyuan languages (Working Title)
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4 (PT)
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PhD Research

I conduct an action research project called MAI-Ryukyus with new speakers from various backgrounds (people from different indigenous territories or diasporas, incomers, etc), based on Leanne Hinton’s Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program. The study explores challenges of language acquisition in the context of non-standardised endangered languages, as well as new speakers’ attitudes and identity.


  • Reviewed articles for the SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol 13 (2021)
  • Selected for a CHASE AHRC Studentship (2020/21 onwards)
  • Presented 'MAI-Ryukyus: Master-Apprentice Initiative with New Speakers of Ryukyuan languages' In: FEL 24 (2020) Teaching and Learning Resources for Endangered Languages, 23-25 September 2020, Hosted online by University College London (UCL), UK
  • Presented 'Master-Apprentice Initiative in the Ryukyu Islands' In: The 201st NINJAL Salons, 18 February 2020, Hosted by National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tokyo, Japan
  • Received 600 € for the project “Master-Apprentice Initiative to promote intergenerational transmission of moribund Ryukyuan languages spoken in Japan” from the Society for Endangered Languages (GBS) in December 2019
  • Co-organised the 4th Linguistics Research Students Conference, 10-11 June 2019, at SOAS University of London
  • Joined a Field visit to the Isle of Man, 11-14 June 2018, organised by the Engaged Humanities project funded by Horizon 2020 EU


  • British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)
  • British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ)
  • Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences (JASS)
  • Linguistic Society of Japan (LSJ)
  • Philological Society (PhilSoc)


  • Endangered languages
  • Language acquisition
  • Language contact
  • Language documentation
  • Language vitalisation
  • New speakers* (main interest)