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Dr Tania Kaiser

BA (Bristol); MPhil, DPhil (Oxon)
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Tania Kaiser
Department of Development Studies

Senior Lecturer in Forced Migration Studies

Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies

Deputy Chair

Centre for Gender Studies

Member, Centre for Gender Studies

SOAS Food Studies Centre

Member, SOAS Food Studies Centre

Migration, Mobility and Development Research Cluster

Research Cluster Member

Violence, Peace and Development Research Cluster

Research Cluster Member

Dr Tania Kaiser
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She has degrees in Literature and Anthropology from the Universities of Bristol and Oxford. Forced migration in Africa (general), in East Africa, in West Africa, Culture & Society in Uganda. Internal conflict in Uganda. Conflict in S. Sudan.


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Alexander Ray, Rethinking the Local–international Dichotomy in Relation to Refugee Protection and Assistance: The Politics of Practice in Managing South Sudanese Displacement (working title)
  • Eric Rindal, Masculinity in Refugee Diaspora: (Re)presentations of Syrian refugee men who have experienced conflict-related sexual violence
  • Hisae Kato, Sociology of work in conflict-affected communities: Labour, gender and violence in El-Rahad, Sudan


Forced migration, protracted refugee situations, violence, conflict, gender and development, humanitarian protection and assistance, social research methods, film, the anthropology of place, space and material culture, aesthetics, social change.


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  • Africa
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  • Sudan
  • Uganda



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Book Chapters

Kaiser, Tania (2016) 'Risk and Social Transformation: Gender and forced migration'. In: Sharoni, Simona and Welland, Julia and Steiner, Linda and Peders, Jennifer, (eds.), Handbook on Gender and War. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp 194-212.

Kaiser, Tania (2014) 'Crisis? Which Crisis? Families and Forced Migration'. In: Lindley, Anna, (ed.), Crisis and Migration: Critical Perspectives. London: Routledge., pp 181-202.

Kaiser, Tania (2013) 'Researching social life in protracted exile; experiences with Sudanese refugees in Uganda 1996-2008'. In: Mazurana, Dyan and Jacobsen, Karen and Gale, Lacey, (eds.), Research Methods in Conflict Settings: A View from Below. Cambridge: CUP.

Kaiser, Tania (2008) 'Sudanese Refugees in Uganda and Kenya'. In: Loescher, Gil and Milner, James and Newman, Edward and Troeller, Gary, (eds.), Protracted Refugee Situations: Political, Human Rights and Security Implications. Tokyo; New York: UNU Press.

Kaiser, Tania (2007) '‘Moving up and down looking for money’: Making a living in a Ugandan Refugee Camp'. In: Staples, James, (ed.), Livelihoods at the Margins: Surviving the City. Walnut Creek, CA: West Coast Press.

Monographs and Working Papers

Kaiser, Tania and Hovil, Kucy and Lomo, Zacahry (2005) 'We are all stranded here together': The local settlement system, freedom of movement and livelihood opportunities for refugees in Arua and Moyo Districts. Refugee Law Project Working Paper No. 14.

Kaiser, Tania (2005) ‘We are all stranded here together’: The local settlement system, freedom of movement and livelihood opportunities for refugees in Arua and Moyo Districts.. Kampala: Refugee Law Project.

Kaiser, Tania and Boyden, Jo and Springett, Simon (2002) ALNAP Global Study on Consultation and Participation of Disaster-affected Populations, Country Monograph: The Case of Sri Lanka. London: Overseas Development Institute.

Kaiser, Tania (2001) A beneficiary-based evaluation of UNHCR’s programme in Guinea, West Africa. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): .

Conference Items

Kaiser, Tania (2013) 'Monolithic, Imaginary, or Somewhere in Between? Capturing “the camp” in Uganda' In: mobilities : immobilities, 6-8 Sept 2013, Bergen. [Unpublished]

Kaiser, Tania (2005) 'The Search for Solutions: Achievements and Challenges - member of a panel for which I presented a paper on self settlement and encampment in Uganda'.

Book Reviews

Kaiser, Tania (2008) 'Review of ‘Culture in Chaos: An Anthropology of the Social Condition in War’ By Stephen C. Lubkemann. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2008'. Journal of Refugee Studies, (21) 3, pp 407-408.


Kaiser, Tania and Boyden, Jo and Springett, Simon (2002) 'Consultation with and Participation by Affected Populations in Humanitarian Action The case of Sri Lanka'.


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