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Dr Bhavna Davé

BA, MA (Bombay) MA, PhD (Syracuse, New York)
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Geopolitics of Eurasia (Central Asia, Russia and China)
Labour migration regulatory regimes in Russia, Kazakhstan
China's Silk Road Economic Belt Development strategy and effects on Central Asia
Russian Far East - Development strategies and regional integration


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Authored Books

Dave, Bhavna (2007) Kazakhstan. Ethnicity, Language and Power. Abingdon: Routledge.


Dave, Bhavna and Kobayashi, Yuka (2018) 'China’s silk road economic belt initiative in Central Asia: economic and security implications'. Asia Europe Journal, (16) 3, pp 267-281.

Dave, Bhavna (2014) 'Becoming 'Legal' through 'Illegal' Procedures: The Precarious Status of Migrant Workers in Russia'. Russian Analytical Digest 159, pp 2-8.

Dave, Bhavna (2014) 'Keeping labour mobility informal: the lack of legality of Central Asian migrants in Kazakhstan'. Central Asian Survey, (33) 3, pp 346-359.

Dave, Bhavna (2013) 'Дискуссия о статусе мигрантов и законности в России в глобальном дискурсе управления миграцией [Debating Migrant Status and Legality in Russia within a Global Discourse on Migration Management]'. Известия Иркутского Государственного Университета Серия «Политология. Религиоведение» [Irkutsk State University Series on Politics; Religious Studies], (2) 11,2, pp 103-115.

Dave, Bhavna (2005) 'Kazakhstan's 2004 Parliamentary Elections : Managing Loyalty and Support for the Regime'. Problems of Post-Communism, (52) 1, pp 3-14.

Dave, Bhavna (2004) 'Entitlement through Numbers: Nationality and Language Categories in the First Post-Soviet Census of Kazakhstan'. Nations and Nationalism, (10) 4, pp 439-460.

Book Chapters

Dave, Bhavna (2018) 'Silk Road Economic Belt: Effects of China’s soft power diplomacy in Kazakhstan'. In: Lauruelle, M., (ed.), China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact in Central Asia. Washington D.C.: The George Washington University Central Asia Program, pp 97-109.

Dave, Bhavna (2015) '‘Migration controls, deportations and entry bans: Can Russia remain free of the “liberal paradox”?’'. In: Belozorov, V. S., (ed.), Миграционные процессы: Проблемы адаптации и интеграции мигрантов [Migration Processes: Issues of Adaptation and Integration of Migrants]. Stavrapol: North Caucasus Federal University, pp 78-82.

Dave, Bhavna (2011) 'Tajik migrant networks in Almaty and Astana: An ethnographic narrative'. In: Karimov, O. K., (ed.), Миграционный мост между Центральной Азии и Россией [Migratory Bridge between Central Asia and Russia]. Moscow: Institute of Socio-Political Research, Academy of Sciences, pp 171-179.

Dave, Bhavna (2008) 'The EU and Kazakhstan: Is the pursuit of energy and security cooperation compatible with the promotion of human rights and democratic reforms?'. In: Melivin, Neil J., (ed.), Engaging Central Asia: The European Union’s New Strategy in the Heart of Eurasia. Washington, DC: Brookings Institute, pp 43-67.

Dave, Bhavna (2004) 'Management of Ethnic Relations in Kazakhstan: Stability without Success'. In: Slater, W. and Wilson, A., (eds.), The Legacy of the Soviet Union. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 83-100.

Dave, Bhavna (2004) 'The Shrinking Reach of the State: Language Policy and Implementation in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan'. In: Jones, Pauline, (ed.), The transformation of Central Asia : states and societies from Soviet rule to independence. New York: Cornell University Press, pp 120-155.

Dave, Bhavna (2004) 'A Shrinking Reach of the State? Language Policy and Implementation in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan'. In: Jones Luong, P., (ed.), The Transformation of Central Asia. States and Societies from Soviet Rule to Independence.. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, pp 120-157.

Dave, Bhavna (2003) 'Kazakhstan in 2002'. In: Karatnycki, A, (ed.), Nations in Transit 2003: Civil Society, Democracy, and Markets in East Central Europe and the Newly Independent States. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, pp 308-326.

Dave, Bhavna (2002) 'Kazakhstan - report for 2002'. In: Karatnycki, A and Motyl, Alexander and Schnetzer, Amanda, (eds.), Nations in Transit. New York: Freedom House, pp 210-223.

Monographs and Working Papers

Dave, Bhavna (2016) The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications – US-Russia Relations under Trump Presidency: Will the Reset Come to Pass?. RSIS (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies) Commentary No. 296.

Dave, Bhavna (2016) Russia’s Asia Pivot: Engaging the Russian Far East, China and Southeast Asia. Singapore: RSIS (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies) Working Paper 297.

Dave, Bhavna (2016) Russia’s summit with ASEAN: Pivot to the East?. Singapore: RSIS (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies) Commentary No.098.

Dave, Bhavna (2016) Resetting India’s Engagement in Central Asia: From Symbols to Substance. Singapore: RSIS (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies) Policy Report.

Dave, Bhavna (2013) Informal Practices and Corruption in Regulation of Labour Migrants in Kazakhstan. Chiba, Japan: Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization.

Dave, Bhavna (2004) Kazakhstan: Minorities Participation in Public Life. Paper submitted to Sub-regional Seminar: Minority Rights - Cultural Diversity and Development in Central Asia. United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Dave, Bhavna (2003) Framework for Poverty Reduction: Analysis of Political Economy of Kyrgyzstan. Report for Department for International Development (DFID), UK.. . [Unpublished]


Dave, Bhavna (2012) 'Getting by as a gastarbeiter in Kazakhstan'.

Dave, Bhavna (2005) 'Annual Review (review for the year 2004)'.

Dave, Bhavna (2004) 'annual review (review for the year 2003)'.

Dave, Bhavna (2003) 'Analysis of Government Reforms in Kyrgyzstan'.

Dave, Bhavna (2003) 'Minorities in Kazakhstan'.


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