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Christine Oughton
Industrial Development and Policy

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Professor Christine Oughton
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Christine Oughton is Professor of Management Economics and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge. Before joining SOAS she was Professor of Economics and Management at the University of Bolzano and Professor of Management at Birkbeck. Her research focuses on innovation, environmental management & economics, corporate governance, financial inclusion and growth. She was co-investigator on the ESRC Research Seminar Series, Complexity Economics for Sustainability that brought together, academics, practitioners and policy makers on environmental issues, and is co-investigator on a £2m ESRC-DFID project - Financial Inclusion and Growth, focusing on innovation in low-income countries. Christine has published widely on innovation, environmental management & economics, governance and growth. In 2017 she was Research Fellow of the South African Reserve Bank. Between 2012-16 she was Head of the School of Finance and Management and served on the SOAS Board of Trustees.

Inaugural Lecture

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Professor Christine Oughton's Inaugural Lecture: Complexity and Diversity: Systems of Finance, Innovation and Ecology




Kanga, Désiré and Oughton, Christine and Harris, Laurence and Murinde, Victor (2022) 'The diffusion of fintech, financial inclusion and income per capita'. European Journal of Finance, (28) 1, pp 108-136.

Bo, Hong and Zhang, Baoshan and Oughton, Christine and Yuan, Xiaoling and Ma, Jun (2016) 'China’s State Energy Investment during 1991-2007: Investment Analysis and Policy Issues'. Regional Studies, (50) 10, pp 1769-1784.

Foxon, Tim and Kohler, Jonathan and Michie, Jonathan and Oughton, Christine (2013) 'Towards a new complexity economics for sustainability'. Cambridge Journal of Economics, (37) 1, pp 187-209.

Michie, Jonathan and Oughton, Christine (2011) '21st Century Environmental Challenges: The Need For a New Economics'. The European Financial Review, (2011) Oct-Nov, pp 76-80.

Asheim, Bjorn and Lawton-Smith, Helen and Oughton, Christine (2011) 'Regional Innovation Systems: Theory, Empirics and Policy'. Regional Studies, (45) 7, pp 875-891.

Driver, Ciaran and Oughton, Christine (2008) 'Dynamic Models of Regional Innovation: Explorations with British Time-Series Data'. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, (1) 2, pp 205-217.

Edited Books or Journals

Dietz, Simon and Michie, Jonathan and Oughton, Christine, (eds.), (2011) The Political Economy of the Environment: An Interdisciplinary Approach. London and New York: Routledge. (Routledge studies in contemporary political economy).

Foxon, Tim and Kohler, Jonathan and Oughton, Christine, (eds.), (2008) Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Book Chapters

Michie, Jonathan and Oughton, Christine (2016) 'Creating Local Economic Resilience: co-operation, Innovation and firms' absorptive capacity'. In: Begley, Jason and Coffey, Dan and Donnelly, Tom and Thornley, Carole, (eds.), Global Economic Crisis and Local Economic Development. Abingdon; New York, NY: Routledge, pp 12-29.

Monographs and Working Papers

Oughton, Christine (2021) The Case for a New International Accord on Diffusing Innovations and Building Technological Capacity. Ghana: ACET African Centre for Economic Transformation. Essays on Innovation and Recovery for Africa: A Special Series from ACET and DEGRP in partnership with ODI.


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