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Dr Senija Causevic

M.Oecc (Croatia) MA (Westminster) PhD (Strathclyde)
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Senija Causevic
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Reader in Marketing and Cultural Studies

Centre for Ottoman Studies


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Dr Senija Causevic
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Senija is a cross-disciplinary scholar, specialising in cultural theory, critical marketing and the creative industries. Her research interests include discourses of management, the commodification and appropriation of cultural heritage, and the role of cultural heritage and the creative industries in the normalisation of social relationships in times of post-conflict and post-crisis. Her main heritage and creative industries research themes discuss tangible and intangible Ottoman heritage in Europe, particularly the presentation and place of Ottoman heritage in European cultures and ideologies; the presentation of the Balkans as the European internal ‘other’; the imagination of east-west binaries, and also the commodification and presentation of history and cultural heritage in the Middle East, with a particular interest in the Sultanate of Oman. Senija is also interested in the intersection between political activism and consumerism. Her recent research shows how antifascist heritage in former-Yugoslavia reclaimed its position through tourism, arts and cultural industries. This research also discusses the complexities of nostalgia in the contemporary context. Relatedly, for the last ten years, Senija has also studied the marketisation of subversive political ideas through the means of art.

Besides cultural heritage, her recent studies explore alternative economies, their sustainability, potential, longevity, and community ethos. She is also interested in digital disruption, alternative currencies, digital marketing and the challenges of social media and fake news.

Her main geographical research areas are the Balkans, the Mediterranean, MENA, Central Asia, and Northern Ireland.

Senija is a Co-Chair of the Centre for Ottoman Studies at SOAS.


Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Najia Momen, Business Resilience in Libya. Resilience, Network and institutional Theory
  • Sharifa Soudan Alenezi, The impact of social media marketing on consumer buying behaviour – A case of Kuwaiti’s fashion retail market
  • Yousef Alsuwaidan, Consumer disposition towards foreign and domestically produced products and the impact of Country of Origin


Critical management; critical marketing; (contested) heritage marketing, management and interpretation; experiential marketing; destination branding/marketing/representation; post-conflict cultural settings; Ottoman Empire; India



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Edited Books or Journals

Causevic, Senija and Minnaert, Lynn and Morgan, Nigel and Pritchard, Annette, (eds.), (2018) Special Issue: Ten Years of Critical Tourism Studies: Reflections on the Road Less Traveled and The Journey Ahead. Putnam Valley, NY: Cognizant Communication Publications. (Tourism Analysis; Vol. 23 No. 2).

Book Chapters

Causevic, Senija and Skokic, Vlatka and Simundic, Blanka (2021) 'Cultural Heritage Tourism in EU Policy Discourse: A Case Study of Croatia'. In: Andriotis, K and Stylidis, D and Janta, H, (eds.), Tourism Planning and Development in Eastern Europe. Wallingford: CABI. [Forthcoming]

Causevic, Senija (2021) 'Positioning Oneself While Researching Yugoslavia: The Context of Self-Reflection and Introspection'. In: Radeljic, Branislav and González-Villa, Carlos, (eds.), Researching Yugoslavia and its Aftermath: Sources, Prejudices and Alternative Solutions. London: Springer Nature, pp 67-89.

Conference Items

Causevic, Senija (2020) 'O Bella Ciao: Nostalgia and Hauntings from the Future.' In: Consumer Culture Theory Conference, 25 June - 28 June 2020, Leicester.


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