Fee refund and charging policy

Fee refund and charging policy

If you withdraw from your programme or take a leave of absence your enrolment record will be amended according to the date on which the Withdrawal or Leave of Absence Form is received in the Registry. 

Any change in tuition fee liability will be calculated from the amended enrolment end date for the academic year. Fees up to the withdrawal or leave of absence date will be charged. The Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Forms can be down-loaded from SID or are available from your Faculty Office. Research students should obtain the forms from the Doctoral School. 

The School calculates fee liability per half term pro rata for the first two terms: 

Stage of Withdrawal or Leave of AbsenceCharge
Term 1: before reading week1/6 annual fees
Term 1: during or after reading week2/6 annual fees
Term 2: before reading week3/6 annual fees
Term 2: during or after reading week4/6 annual fees
Term 3:Full year's fees due

All degree applicants (except for those who have paid a deposit) and non-degree applicants who formally decline their offer of a place or apply for deferred entry before enrolment, will be eligible for a refund of any tuition fees paid in advance.

For applicants who paid a CAS deposit, this is generally non-refundable however there are some exceptions. Full details on CAS deposits can be found on the following SOAS page

If you are an undergraduate and your tuition fees are paid by Student Finance there is a different charging policy:

From 2012-13 Student Finance changed the way they pay tuition fees - they pay 25% of the fees for Term 1, 25% for Term 2 and 50% for Term 3. The tuition fee liability for each term starts on the first day of the term.  

If you interrupt or withdraw from your programme the tuition fees will be charged as below:

Stage of Interruption or WithdrawalEffective Charge
Before the first day of Term 225% annual fees
Before the first day of Term 350% annual fees
Term 3100% annual fees

If you transfer from another college we will negotiate with that college over the transfer of fees paid to them.  If you transfer from SOAS please ensure that you tell us so that we can negotiate with your new college.

Refunds are paid back to the original payee. If the original payment was by bank transfer the refund is made to the paying account.  If the original payment was made by debit or credit card the refund is made to the paying card.

This Policy is not applicable to IFCELS, Language Centre or Online Distance Learning students. Please visit IFCELS or the Language Centre homepages for their Terms and Conditions.

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