All students who require a CAS to study at SOAS will need to make a CAS deposit payment of £4,000. This payment will count towards the tuition fees for your programme of study and is non-refundable (see further details below). You will be asked to make this payment before a CAS can be issued.

We request that CAS deposit payments are made via Flywire


    Making a payment


    You will be exempt from paying the CAS deposit if your tuition fees are fully funded by an official sponsor or scholarship, including:

    • If you are in receipt of a scholarship that covers all of your tuition fees and the fees are paid directly to SOAS by the scholarship awarding body.
    • If you are sponsored by a recognised government body that covers all of your tuition fees and will make payments directly to SOAS, and you have a financial guarantee letter.
    • You are a US Federally funded student.
    • You are joining us for a term or year from another institution either through a fee-paying or exchange arrangement
    • You are studying at SOAS as part of a partnership agreement and your home university is paying your fees.

    You will be required to upload this evidence in official letter format when submitting your CAS request.

    Deposit refund

    The CAS deposit of £4000 is non-refundable except in the following circumstances:

    • You request a refund within 14 days of initial payment  

    • A core or compulsory module has been cancelled/amended  

    • The programme you applied for is withdrawn  

    • An applicant is unable to apply for a Student Visa because SOAS is unable to provide a CAS 

    • Your visa is refused through no fault of your own (e.g. due to an error on the CAS by SOAS) – applicant must provide a copy of the visa refusal notice. 

    • A visa refusal is successfully appealed, but too late for the applicant to start their studies at SOAS on time 

    Deposits will not be refunded under any circumstances if an applicant is found to have provided false information to SOAS, or if the Student Visa application is denied because the applicant breached immigration conditions, committed a criminal offence or used deception. 

    CAS deposit refund requests will be processed by the Admissions team prior to registration. Students must complete a deposit refund request form (details can be found below).

    If approved, the deposit will be refunded to the bank account of the person or organisation who initially paid the deposit or credited back to the credit card used for the original payment. 

    We cannot refund the deposit to you if a third party has paid the deposit on your behalf. Authorisation from the original payer should be obtained before a refund can be considered. This will be at SOAS discretion. 

    Evidence of payment such as a receipt or a bank statement showing payment from that account must be provided. We will need the bank's SWIFT or BIC code. Failure to do so will delay the refund or prevent it altogether. 

    Refunds will be paid in UK Sterling as per the exchange rates on the day of the refund. 

    Deposit Refund Form