Language Documentation and Linguistics Theory 6 Conference - Non-plenary Talks

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Language Documentation and Linguistics Theory 6 Conference - Non-plenary Talks
Full list of non-plenary talks (part of the Language Documentation and Linguistics Theory 6 Conference ):




Uday Raj Aaley and Timotheus Adrianus Bodt Independent
The value of natural conversation: insights from a new Kusunda corpus
Ana Lívia Agostinho Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil) Looking elsewhere: Word prosody of African-origin words in Afro-Atlantic creoles ( click for abstract )
Valentina Alfarano LACITO-CNRS Generic bound nouns in Nalögo between language-specific description and crosslinguistic comparability ( click for abstract )
Galla Althabégoïty Université d'Orléans Describing the Ngbugu language (Banda, CAR) at a distance : face-to-face and remote cooperation with speakers ( click for abstract )
Jocelyn Aznar and Frank Seifart Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS) Silent gaps and interjections as prosodic cues for direct speech
Preminalary results of a cross-linguistic study on three language
documentation corpora ( click for abstract )
Bernat Bardagil Ghent University The properties of subjects in Amazonia ( click for abstract )
Bernat Bardagil and Tupy Mỹky Ghent University
Mỹky nation
Intonation and prosody in Mỹky, an Amazonial tonal language *intonation workshop*
Roumeissa Belbordj Manchester Metropolitan University Approaches to Language Maintenance through Family Language Investigation: a comparative study of four multilingual families in Manchester ( click for abstract )
Aicha Belkadi, Samir Ben Si Said and Candide Simard SOAS
University of Bejaia (Algeria)
Topic, focus and reference tracking in Taqbaylit Berber discourse ( click for abstract )
Nandini Bhattacharya University of Delhi Anaphora and Pronominal Agreement in Vaiphei ( click for abstract )
Felicia Bisnath University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Implications of ideology and unequal distribution of resources on sign language typology ( click for abstract )
Benni Butz HHU Düsseldorf Prosodic conditioning of morphological complexity ( click for abstract )
Mirella L. Blum University of Edinburgh Prosodic domain in Bor South Dinka and its effect on tone sandhi
Letizia Cerqueglini Tel Aviv University TAM in TMA (Traditional Muṯallaṯ Arabic): Documenting the Language of the Elderly after COVID-19 ( click for abstract )
Ryan Chon and Kate Lindsey Boston University both Coronal stops in Kawam: sound change and phonetic variation ( click for abstract )
Valentina Colasanti Trinity College Dublin Gestural fieldwork: a case study from Southern Italy ( click for abstract )
Alice Corr and Carlos Yebra López University of Birmingham,  New York University Revitalizing Ladino: Towards a Critical Approach ( click for abstract )
Photini Coutsougera University of Toronto Dialect preservation: A dictionary of Arcadian Greek ( click for abstract )
Christopher Cox and Catherine Hamilton Carleton University Image-aligned annotation in language documentation and revitalization ( click for abstract )
Muhammad Damanhuri Non-affiliated Frequency of overt NP orders in selected Pahka'anil (Tubatulabal) narratives ( click for abstract )
Noah Diewald and Tod Swanson Ohio State University
Arizona State University
Speaking of Other Species in Amazonian Kichwa and Wao Terero ( click for abstract )
Caleb Ewing University of Florida A pseudocleft analysis of two types of interrogatives in Patzicía Kaqchikel ( click for abstract )
Matteo Fiorini University of Utah Investigating discourse particles in minority Romance languages: po in Camuno ( click for abstract )
Michael Franjieh, Greville Corbett and Alexandra Grandison Surrey Morphology Group Comparing possessive classifier systems across Oceanic languages ( click for abstract )
Berenger Garnica and Kate Lindsey Boston University Language Corpora and Documentation: A Guide to the Ende Corpus ( click for abstract )
Hannah Gibson, Fridah Erastus, Tom Jelpke, Lutz Marten, Teresa Poeta and Julius Taji Essex
Kenyatta University
University of Dar es Salaam
Researching morphosyntactic variation in Swahili: dialects, change and identity ( click for abstract )
Pauthang Haokip JNU, New Delhi Language Endangerment in Northeast India ( click for abstract )
Charlotte Hemmings
D, I Wayan Arka, Mary Dalrymple, Engga Zakaria Sangian and Dendi Wijaya
Oxford, Australian National University, Oxford, Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu, Badan Bahasa Bengkulu Challenges in Enggano Orthography Development ( click for abstract )
Kerry Hull and Rob Fergus Brigham Young University
Rowan University
A Forest of Signs: Documenting Traditional Ethno-ornithological Knowledge and Efforts Toward Sustainable Indigenous-led Birding and among the Q’eqchi’ Maya ( click for abstract )
Humaira Jehangir, Afshan Ishfaq, Barry Healy and Salahuddin Azad Lancaster University,
Meraj Hussain (Informant for Dawoodi language, University of AJK, Muzzaffarabad, Pakistan)
Representation of Dawoodi language and culture of Mominabad tribe (Hunza): The first step towards revitalisation ( click for abstract )
Sullay Mohamed Kanu Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates Language endangerment in Sierra Leone ( click for abstract )
Sercan Karakaş Boğaziçi University Possessor Applicatives in Pomak
Steven Kaye Surrey Morphology Group Clausal agreement on adverbial expressions in Andi ( click for abstract )
Joachim Kisanji and Deo Ngonyani MSTCDC Arusha
Michigan State University
Parataxis in Kibungu Proverbs ( click for abstract )
Alexandra Kohut Boston University Ende Vowel Harmony at the Intersection of Phonetics and Phonology: Phonological Height as Phonetic Backness ( click for abstract )
Man Yan Priscilla Lam University of Ottawa The diachronic development of Shilluk suffixal morphology and its implications on the tone system ( click for abstract )
Yen-Ting Lin Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan A Linguist’s Spinoff in Fostering Civic Engagement ( click for abstract )
Benjamin Macaulay City University of New York Intonation is a better diagnostic for syllable structure than speaker judgments: evidence from Budai Rukai ( click for abstract )
Shakuntala Mahanta and Priti Raychoudhury Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Intonation in Sylheti: A preliminary account ( click for abstract )
Rajiv Ranjan Mahto and Shah Mohammad Fayez Maulana Azad National Urdu University, both. Kudmali and its Impending Challenges ( click for abstract )
Rachel McCullough Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center Toward a Language Identification Model for Ladino: Assessing the potential of automatically-collected corpora of low-resource languages ( click for abstract )
Anushree Mishra and Wapanginla Aier The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India. Deferred Imperatives in the Central Naga Language Family ( click for abstract )
Timofey Mukhin and Polina Nasledskova HSE University, Moscow, both. Demonstratives in Kina Rutul ( click for abstract )
R Karthick Narayanan, Ktien Hima and Meiraba Takhellambam Non-affiliated
Manipur University
Recasting the Role of Interpreters as Allies in Language Documentation
Deo Ngonyani Michigan State University Verbal Derivation Kikisi (kiz) ( click for abstract )
Nancy Ngowa Pwani University Documentation of Waata (ssn): Prospects for a Sustainable Partnership with the Community ( click for abstract )
Naomi Peck Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Multi-verbal expressions and the “one intonation unit” constraint ( click for abstract )
Naomi Peck and Laura Becker Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg both Syntactic Pausing? Re-examining the associations ( click for abstract )
Polina Pleshak University of Maryland On prosodic prominence of heads: Nuclear stress placement in Hill Mari ( click for abstract )
Shivangi Priya Manipal University Jaipur Equal languaging: bridging theory and practice for effective language acquisition policy through translanguaging ( click for abstract )
Samantha Rarrick Griffith University Mouthings in Hawai‘i Sign Language & Sinasina Sign Language ( click for abstract )
Robert Marcelo Sevilla The University of Hong Kong Yiyang Xiang Vowel Quality: Comparability Across Two Recording Mediums ( click for abstract )
Jason Smith Michigan State University Content Questions in Mende ( click for abstract )
Emmett Strickland, Candide Simard and Anne Lacheret-Dujour Paris Nanterre, USP, Paris Nanterre Tools and methodology for exploring the prosody-pragmatics interface: lessons from Nigerian Pidgin ( click for abstract )
E. Marie Thaut and Sarah Elizabeth Round SOAS and Sylheti Project both. The Sylheti Project: Documenting and supporting a minoritized language with(in) a digital diaspora ( click for abstract )
Ditte Boeg Thomsen and Mads Nielsen University of Copenhagen (both authors) The Associated Motion Video Stimuli: A tool for examining Associated Motion within and across languages ( click for abstract )
Katherine Walker Universiteit van Amsterdam Telicity in Alternating Verbs in Kamang (Alor-Pantar)
Cong Zhang Radboud University Procedures of Investigating Intonation Phonology in a Tonal Language ( click for abstract )
Sandra Ziagos and Dina El Zarka University of Graz, Austria (both) An attempt at categorizing clitics in an Arabic variety ( click for abstract )