Centre on the Politics of Infrastructure and Energy Security


The Centre on the Politics of Infrastructure and Energy Security (CEPIES) is an officially constituted centre of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), within the Department of Politics and International Studies. The rationale for the creation of the CEPIES is to provide a forum for SOAS scholars who work on energy security issues.

The purposes of the CEPIES are:

  • to foster research links between the Department of Politics and International Studies (working as a part of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences (FLSS)) and academic, practitioner, advocacy, and policy communities across London, the UK, the EU, and internationally in relevant areas of international relations, political science and related fields on themes relevant to the Centre’s research areas;
  • to advance research and engagement on the politics of energy security within the FLSS and especially within the Department of Politics and International Studies;
  • to promote discussion, research and scholarship related to the politics of energy security with particular attention to: the institutions of global governance on energy matters, strategic dimensions of energy security, policy-making on energy related issues, and the role of civil society and domestic political actors on energy security policy;
  • to encourage and submit applications for project-based and institutional research funding from external sources for workshops, speakers, publications and academic exchange in the areas relating to energy security;
  • to facilitate productive research connections between research students and faculty members working on topics relating to energy security.

CEPIES welcomes membership from all interested parties within the School. However, CEPIES is exclusively a social sciences centre, based within the Department of Politics.


CEPES is a consortium partner for the FP-7 funded Integrating and Developing European Asian Studies (IDEAS) project.

Professor Lawrence Sáez is the team leader of the Working Group on civil society, non-state actors and energy security in Asia. The Working Group held an international workshop in London in September 2011 and another one in Prague in November 2011.

The Working Group decided to initiate three separate research projects. One strand of proposed research would focus on energy security typologies and measurement, another project would undertake energy decentralization case studies, and the third project would undertake a mapping exercise of stakeholders.

Professor Sáez, Dr Harald Heubaum (SOAS), and Dr Shailaja Fennell (Cambridge) represented CEPES at the IDEAS Working Groups conference held in Hong Kong in February 2012.

Further details about the IDEAS project can be found at ideasconsortium.eu