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What do you know about Korea? Taekwondo, Hangul, LCD screens, kimchi, horror movies, or nice people?

Korean is the official language spoken by North and South Koreans. There are approximately 78 million Korean speakers around the world. The language has its own writing system called ‘Hangul’ [ 한글 ] created in 1443 by King Sejong with a group of scholars. Korea [ 한국 ], once known as ‘Land of the Morning Calm’, has now become ‘Dynamic Korea’ representing the lively energy of its people and culture. If you want to learn more about Korea, you can start by learning the language.

King Sejong Institute London

SOAS Language Centre is proud to host the King Sejong Institute London which supports our Korean language courses. The Sejong Institute was established in 2009 by the Ministry of Culture in Korea to promote Korean language learning and teaching programmes overseas. The Sejong Institute's Korean language learning materials are available to our students online.

With the support of the Sejong Institute, SOAS Language Centre is happy to offer all Intermediate and Advanced students a 20% discount on fees for our short courses.

Short Courses for 2017-2018

10 weeks, 2 hours per week
10 weeks, 4 hours per week

Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a Korean language test for non-natives and overseas Koreans who are learning Korean, those wishing to study at a Korean university, and those who want to be employed at Korean companies in and outside of Korea. The TOPIK is held once a year in April in London. The exam date and venue will be announced in January and one can apply for the exam usually until mid-February. Please contact the Korean Education Centre in UK for more information:

  • TOPIK Preparatory Classes (not currently available)

Tailored Tuition