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Dounia Mahlouly
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Dr Dounia Mahlouly
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Dr. Mahlouly is the Principal Investigator of a 2020 research project on communication for resilience funded by British Council (BC), which explores the role of media capacity initiatives as a tool for communicative resilience in Tunisia and Lebanon. She is the Lecturer and Course convenor for SOAS postgraduate courses 'Studies in Global Digital Cultures' and 'International Political Communication'. She also lectures for the MA module "Prejudice, Conspiracy and Misinformation: Understanding Media in a Post-Truth Environment", which she has specifically designed for SOAS' Media Studies curriculum. Her work focuses on the interplay between state and non-state actors' communication strategies in post-2011 North Africa. She completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, in partnership with the American University in Cairo in 2015. Her PhD research (2015) analysed how social media was incorporated into the campaigning strategy of leading political actors in post-revolutionary Tunisia and Egypt. She is the Founder of the Middle East Research Hub a non-profit association, which promotes the work of young analysts and freelance researchers from across the Middle East and North Africa and carries out fundraising activities to support research capacity programmes in the region. Before joining SOAS Centre for Global Media and Communications, she conducted her postdoctoral research at King's College London and contributed to the European Network of Excellence VOX-Pol. Simultaneously, she worked as a Senior Research Associate for The Open University (OU) on a British Council-funded study exploring perspectives for cultural diplomacy in post-revolutionary Egypt.



Her research interests are broad and interdisciplinary, ranging from social media campaigning to soft power/cultural diplomacy, misinformation and the study of online counter-narratives from the perspective of critical terrorism studies. She is interested in supervising dissertations that draw on the fields of media studies, cultural studies and political communication. 


Authored Books

Mahlouly, Dounia and Winter, Charlie (2018) A Tale of Two Caliphates: Comparing the Islamic State’s Internal and External Messaging Priorities. Dublin, Ireland: VOX-Pol Network of Excellence.


Trevisan, Filippo and Hoskins, Andrew and Oates, Sarah and Mahlouly, Dounia (2018) 'The Google voter: search engines and electoral information flows in the new media ecology'. Information, Communication & Society, (21) 1, pp 111-128.

Mahlouly, Dounia (2014) 'Rational Criticism, Ideological Sustainability and Intellectual Leadership in the Digital Public Sphere'. International Journal of E-Politics, (5) 1, pp 78-90.

Mahlouly, Dounia (2013) 'Rethinking the Public Sphere in a Digital Environment: Similarities between the Eighteenth and the Twenty-First Centuries'. ESharp, (20) 6.

Book Chapters

Mahlouly, Dounia and Al Saud, Abdullah (2018) 'Trump’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Conspiratorialism in the Arab Media Sphere'. In: Happer, Catherine and Hoskins, Andrew and Merrin, William, (eds.), Trump's Media War. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave McMillan, pp 241-256.

Mahlouly, Dounia (2016) 'Shura or Democracy: debating online over the 2012 constitutional debate in post-revolutionary Egypt'. In: Bratosin, Stefan and Tudor, Mihaela Alexandra, (eds.), Religion, laïcité et sociétés au tournant des humanités numériques: actes du 3e Colloque international Comsymbol. Les Arcs, France: IARSIC (Institute for Advanced Religious Studies and Internetworking Communication, pp 428-452.

Conference Items

Mahlouly, Dounia (2014) 'Campaigning with Twitter in Post-Revolutionary Egypt' In: European Consortium for Political Research 2014 General Conference, 3-6 September 2014, University of Glasgow.

Mahlouly, Dounia and Trevisan, Filippo (2014) 'Googling for Votes: Using Publicly Accessible Search Engine Data to Capture Information Flows in Elections' In: 12th Annual APSA Pre-Conference on Political Communication, 27 August 2014, Washington DC. [Unpublished]

Mahlouly, Dounia (2014) 'The New Voter Ecology: Search Engines and Comparative Electoral Information Flows' In: Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association annual conference, 7-9 January 2014, University of Bournemouth. [Unpublished]

Mahlouly, Dounia (2013) 'Google: The Role of Internet Search in Elections in Established and Challenged Democracies' In: Challenges to Campaigning Conference, University of Edinburgh. [Unpublished]


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