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Dr Hannah Bargawi

BA (Manchester), MSc, PhD (London)
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Hannah Bargawi
Department of Economics

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Dr Hannah Bargawi
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Dr. Bargawi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics. Her recent research focuses on issues of gender and work in the Middle East and in Europe. She is a co-Investigator on the GCRF/ESRC Strategic Network entitled Dynamics of Gender Inequality in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (GCRF, 2017-2018) and recently co-edited a volume entitled Economics and Austerity in Europe: Gendered Impacts and Sustainable Alternatives, published by Routledge.

Dr. Bargawi also works on East Africa where her research interests span gender, employment, macroeconomic policies and agriculture. Together with Dr. Elisa Van Waeyenberge, she recently completed an Employment Diagnostic Assessment for the International Labour Organisation and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development in Uganda.

Before joining the Economics department, Dr. Bargawi was involved in research and consultancy projects for international agencies such as the Asian Development Bank, the International Labour Organisation and the United Nations Development Program.




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Authored Books

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Bargawi, Hannah and McKinley, Terry (2011) Standing in the Way of Development? A Critical Survey of the IMF's Crisis Response in Low-Income Countries. Penang: Third World Network.


Stevano, Sara and Mezzadri, Alessandra and Lombardozzi, Lorena and Bargawi, Hannah (2020) 'Hidden Abodes in Plain Sight: The Social Reproduction of Households and Labour in the COVID-19 pandemic'. Feminist Economics. [Forthcoming]

Bargawi, Hannah and Newman, Susan (2017) 'From Futures Markets to the Farm Gate: A Study of Price Formation along Tanzania’s Coffee Commodity Chain'. Economic Geography, (93) 2, pp 162-184.

Bargawi, Hannah and Cozzi, Giovanni (2017) 'Engendering Economic Recovery: Modelling Alternatives to Austerity in Europe'. Feminist Economics, (23) 4, pp 225-249.

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Bargawi, Hannah (2015) 'Moving beyond the paradox of macroeconomic stability in Uganda?'. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, (33) 1, pp 121-140.

Bargawi, Hannah (2015) 'Rural Institutions in Flux: Lessons from Three Tanzanian Cotton-Producing Villages'. Journal of Agrarian Change, (15) 2, pp 155-178.

Bargawi, Hannah (2014) 'Economic Policies, Structural Change and the Roots of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt'. Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, (10) 3, pp 219-246.

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Bargawi, Hannah and McKinley, Terry (2013) 'The IMF, Crises and Low-Income Countries: Evidence of Change?'. Review of Political Economy, (25) 1, pp 69-90.

Bargawi, Hannah and Oya, Carlos (2009) ''Agribusiness for Development’: Who Really Gains? Perspectives from the Journal of Agrarian Change'. Development Viewpoint 36.

Bargawi, Hannah (2009) 'Assessing the Impact of Commodity Prices on Producers in Low-Income Countries'. Development Viewpoint 27.

Bargawi, Hannah (2009) 'Cotton Price Fluctuations at the Ground-level: Assessing the Difference in Impact in Rural Tanzania'. Life Sciences International Journal, (S.I.), pp 55-76.

Edited Books or Journals

Bargawi, Hannah and Cozzi, Giovanni and Himmelweit, Susan, (eds.), (2017) Economics and Austerity in Europe: Gendered Impacts and Sustainable Alternatives. London: Routledge. (Routledge IAFFE Advances in Feminist Economics).

Book Chapters

Bargawi, Hannah (2020) 'How does economics address gender?'. In: Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Deane, Kevin, (eds.), Recharting the History of Economic Thought. London: Red Globe Books, pp 229-246.

Bargawi, Hannah and Cozzi, Giovanni (2017) 'Making the Case for a Gender-aware, Investment-led Recovery for Europe'. In: Bargawi, Hannah and Cozzi, Giovanni and Himmelweit, Susan, (eds.), Economics and Austerity in Europe: Gendered Impacts and Sustainable Alternatives. London: Routledge, pp 137-154.

Bargawi, Hannah and Bova, Elva and Ferrarini, Benno and Newman, Susan (2011) 'Low-income countries and commodity price volatility'. In: Cottier, Thomas and Delimatsis, Panagiotis, (eds.), The Prospects of International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 452-482.

Monographs and Working Papers

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Bargawi, Hannah (2018) Macroeconomic policy, inclusive growth and productive employment in Uganda [Employment Working Paper No. 244]. Geneva: ILO Employment Policy Department.

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Bargawi, Hannah (2015) Financing Economic Development. Theoretical Debates and Empirical Trends. FESSUD: Working Paper Series, 139.

Oya, Carlos and McKinley, Terry and Bargawi, Hannah (2013) Growth Dynamics, Structural Change and Productive Employment to Reduce Poverty and Income Inequality. Analysis and Policy Recommendations.. London: European Report on Development 2013. Background Paper.

Van Waeyenberge, Elisa and Bargawi, Hannah (2011) Macroeconomic policy for "full and productive employment and decent work for all": Uganda country study. Employment Working Paper No. 91. Geneva International Labour Office.


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