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Dr Tat Yan Kong

BA (Newcastle), MPhil, DPhil (Oxon)
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Tat Yan Kong
Department of Politics and International Studies

Reader in Comparative Politics and Development Studies

Centre of Korean Studies

Academic Staff, Centre of Korean Studies

SOAS China Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS China Institute

London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Science

Steering Committee Member, Co-Director

Dr Tat Yan Kong
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Tat Yan Kong (BA Newcastle upon Tyne, MPhil and DPhil Oxford) is Reader in Comparative Politics & Development Studies at SOAS, University of London and Co-Director of the London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Science. He is also the Co-Editor of Studies of the Contemporary Asia Pacific, a newly created series from Hong Kong University Press.

His research focuses on comparative political economy (pathways of development, socialist to market transitions, economic and social sustainability of advanced capitalism) with particular reference to East Asia. He is also interested in security and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

He is the author of The Politics of Economic Reform in South Korea: A Fragile Miracle (London and New York: Routledge, 2000).  His other publications include articles in journals such as British Journal of Political Science, Economy & Society, Political Studies, Politics & Society, Review of International Political Economy, New Political Economy, Modern Asian Studies, Government & Opposition and The Pacific Review. He has received research grants from bodies such as the Academy of Korean Studies, British Academy, ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, and Sino-British Fellowship Trust.

Dr Kong is a former Head of the Department of Politics & International Studies at SOAS. He has also given evidence on East Asian affairs to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee and provided commentary to media and other outlets. He welcomes PhD applications in the comparative politics, international politics and political economy of East Asia (especially applications with reference to the Korean Peninsula).


Programmes Convened
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PhD Students supervised
  • Christian Jean Bachheimer, "Unpacking Patterns & Concepts of hedging strategies in Indonesia, Asean with the wider Asia Pacific Powers
  • Daniel Songjun Yu, The Status of Ideology in Post-Cold War China-North Korea Relations
  • Irem Cihan Muter, Cultural Persuasion, Power and Foreign Policy: South Korea and Turkey
  • Kilhee Kwak, The Transformation and Continuation of South Korean Foreign Policy towards Japan 1965-2015
  • Sirada Khemanitthathai, Emigration State in Transition: Myanmar and the utilisation of emigration as a foreign policy instrument


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Authored Books

Kong, Tat Yan (2000) The Politics of Economic Reform in South Korea. A Fragile Miracle. London: Routledge.


Kong, Tat Yan (2020) 'The Advance of Marketization in North Korea: Between political rigidity and economic flexibility'. Modern Asian Studies, (54) 3, pp 830-867.

Kong, Tat Yan (2020) 'How China Views North Korea's Readiness to Reform and Its Influence on China's North Korea Policy in the Post-Cold War Era'. The Pacific Review, (34) 1, pp 85-112.

Kong, Tat Yan (2018) 'China's Engagement-Oriented Strategy Towards North Korea: Achievements and Limitations'. The Pacific Review, (31) 1, pp 76-95.

Kong, Tat Yan (2014) 'The Political Obstacles to economic Reform in North Korea: The Ultra Cautious Strategy in Comparative Perspective'. The Pacific Review, (27) 1, pp 73-96.

Kong, Tat Yan (2013) 'From Late-Industrialisation to Globalisation: The Hybridisation of Labour Relations Among Leading South Korean Firms'. New Political Economy, (18) 5, pp 625-652.

Kong, Tat Yan (2012) 'Cooperation in Unlikely Settings: The Rise of Cooperative Labor Relations Among Leading South Korean Firms'. Politics & Society, (40) 3, pp 425-452.

Kong, Tat Yan (2011) 'Pathways to Cooperation: The Transformation of Labour Relations Among Leading South Korean Firms'. Economy & Society, (40) 1, pp 56-83.

Kong, Tat Yan (2006) 'Globalization and Labour Market Reform: Patterns of Response in Northeast Asia'. British Journal of Political Science, (36) 2, pp 359-383.

Kong, Tat Yan (2006) 'Labor and Globalization: Locating the Northeast Asian Newly Industrializing Countries'. Review of International Political Economy, (13) 1, pp 103-28.

Kong, Tat Yan (2005) 'Labour and Neo-Liberal Globalization in South Korea and Taiwan'. Modern Asian Studies, (39) 1, pp 163-198.

Kong, Tat Yan (2004) 'Corruption and the Effect of Regime Type: the Case of Taiwan'. New Political Economy, (9) 3, pp 341-364.

Kong, Tat Yan (2004) 'Neo-Liberalization and Incorporation in Advanced Newly Industrialized Countries: A View from South Korea'. Political Studies, (52) 1, pp 19-42.

Kong, Tat Yan (2000) 'Power Alternation in South Korea'. Government and Opposition, (35) 3, pp 370-391.

Kong, Tat Yan (1996) 'Corruption and its Institutional Foundations: The Experience of South Korea'. Institute of Development Studies Bulletin, (7) 2, pp 48-55.

Kong, Tat Yan (1995) 'From Relative Autonomy to Consensual Development: The Case of South Korea'. Political Studies, (43) 4, pp 630-634.

Edited Books or Journals

Kim, Dae-Hwan and Kong, Tat Yan, (eds.), (1996) The Korean Peninsula in Transition. London; New York: St Antony's-Macmillan/St Martin's.

Book Chapters

Kong, Tat Yan (2020) 'Tentative Foundations of Economic Recovery: North Korea in the 2010s'. In: Tiedman, Craig, (ed.), Reconstructing North Korea: Challenges and Opportunities. London: Asia Studies Centre, Henry Jackson Society, pp 10-15.

Kong, Tat Yan (2012) 'Neo-Liberal Restructuring in South Korea Before and After the Crisis'. In: Chang, Kyung-Sup and Fine, Ben and Weiss, Linda, (eds.), Developmental Politics in Transition: The Neoliberal Era and Beyond. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 235-253.

Kong, Tat Yan (2003) 'Politics, the State and Business in the Democratic Transition of South Korea''. In: Amann, E and Chang, Ha-Joon, (eds.), Economic Crisis and Restructuring: Brazil and South Korea. London: ILAS, pp 202-221.

Kong, Tat Yan (2002) 'Regime Change in South Korea'. In: Kim, Hyuk-Rae, (ed.), Korean Studies Forum. Seoul: Yonsei University Press, pp 111-137.

Kong, Tat Yan (1997) 'Democratization and Its Aftermath: Transition and Continuity in South Korea'. In: Kim, Dae Hwan and Kong, Tat Yan, (eds.), The Korean Peninsula in Transition. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 91-115.

Kong, Tat Yan (1996) 'The Origins of Democratization and Economic Liberalization in South Korea'. In: Nonnemans, Gerd, (ed.), Economic and Political Liberalization: Linkages and Dynamics in International Comparative Perspective. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, pp 229-244.

Monographs and Working Papers

Hemmings, John and Pacheco Pardo, Ramon and Kong, Tat Yan (2018) Negotiating the Peace: Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula. London: Henry Jackson Society.

Kong, Tat Yan (2008) North Korea's Nuclear Capacity and the Path of Reform. Written Evidence for the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee Tenth Report, Global Security: Japan and Korea. London: UK Parliament House of Commons Select Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Kong, Tat Yan (2006) Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula: The North Korean Nuclear Issue. Written Evidence for the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee Seventh Report: East Asia, Vol. 2.. London: UK Parliament: House of Commons Select Committee on Foreign Affiars.


Kong, Tat Yan (2013) 'Rear Vision. North Korea: The History of Its Relationship with the US and with Nuclear Weapons'.

Kong, Tat Yan (2006) 'Rear Vision: North Korea'.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Hemmings, John and Kong, Tat Yan and Pacheco Pardo, Ramon (2018) Achieving Peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Kong, Tat Yan (2018) Rear Vision - The summit of the century: the relationship between North Korea and the US.


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