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Shane McCausland
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Professor Shane McCausland
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Shane McCausland is an historian of visual arts and material culture with a focus on the painting and calligraphy produced in mid- and late-dynastic China. He is also a curator of the historical and contemporary arts of China. His work addresses the interpretation of aesthetic forms, traces, media and materials, and how these are contextualised in terms of visual and disciplinary debates. Themes in his research and teaching have included post-formalism, critical iconology and mediality; art and agency; artist oeuvres and development, including studio and workshop practices and selfhood; ceramics in China’s visual culture; collecting, connoisseurship and canon formation; didactic, narrative and figural art; transcultural dynamics and appropriation, notably under the Mongol empire across Eurasia; and Chinese calligraphy, paleography, intertextuality and visual literacy.

As an undergraduate at Cambridge University, McCausland read Oriental Studies (Chinese) before working at Christie’s Chinese department in London and on assignment in Hong Kong in the early 1990s. Entering the graduate programme at Princeton University in 1993, he trained in Art History with East Asian Studies under the Wen C. Fong. He curated his first Asian art exhibition, on Chinese landscape painting, at the Art Museum, Princeton University. He completed his doctoral thesis on the art of the southern Chinese polymath Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322) during a fellowship in the Asian Art department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1999. Returning to the British Isles, he held a string of posts in London, as a postdoctoral fellow in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, then still at 53, Gordon Square in Bloomsbury (1999-2002); as a temporary lecturer in the history of Chinese art at SOAS (2002-03); and as a research fellow in the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (SISJAC), based at SOAS (2003-04). During that time much of his research was geared toward the ‘Admonitions of the Court Instructress’ picture-scroll attributed to Gu Kaizhi (c. 344-c. 406) in the British Museum, the topic of a conference he organised at the British Museum in 2001. In 2004, he joined the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, under the directorship of Michael F. Ryan, as Curator of the East Asian Collections and later also Head of Collections. In these roles, he was involved in a range of projects, such as the ASEMUS Travelling Exhibition on portraiture and exhibitions at the Library itself, including one of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Codex Leicester’ from the Gates collection, and he curated the loan exhibition, ‘Telling Images of China: Narrative and Figure Paintings, 15th-20th Century, from the Shanghai Museum’.

In 2009 he returned to SOAS as a lecturer in Chinese art in the renamed Department of the History of Art and Archaeology, becoming Senior Lecturer in 2010, Reader in 2012 and Percival David Professor of the History of Art in 2015. He serves as a trustee on the Council of the Sir Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. Since 2018, he has been Head of the School of Arts and a member of the SOAS Executive Board.

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Shane McCausland talks about the + and X motifs in the art of the contemporary abstract painter Ding Yi

Shane McCausland talks about the + and X motifs in the art of the contemporary abstract painter Ding Yi (b. 1962), whose exhibition What's Left to Appear he curated at the Long Museum (West Bund) in Shanghai in 2015.

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Professor Shane McCausland Inaugural Lecture


PhD Students supervised
  • Jennifer Chih-Chieh Chang, Intertextual Presentation of Individuality in Qing Biography Landscape: A Reinvention of Ming Wu School Sobriquet Painting (working title)
  • Alexandre Claude Ouairy, Hidden in Plain Sight: Contemporary Art Practices of Resistance in China, 2007-2018.
  • Chih-En Chen, The Origin, Development and Classification of Trompe L’oeil Porcelain in High Qing China
  • Elizabeth Reid, An investigation into the meaning and significance of the exhibitions of Chinese art at the Whitechapel Art Gallery between 1901 and 1934
  • Helena Cantone, Decolonising the Visual Archive of Salvatore Fiume (1915-1997): Italian Encounters with Postcolonial Africa
  • Maeve Nolan, Early Silk Road photography: A case study of how and why Dr. Maynard Owen Williams, Litt. D. (1888-1963) photographed the Silk Road during the Citroen-Haardt Trans-Asiatic Expedition (1931-1932)
  • Mariana Zegianini , The Global Portrait: Subject, Site and Temporality in Portraiture of the Long Seventeenth Century in China (working title)
  • Naama Eisenstein, Reshaping Ideals: Visualising the Genpei War (1180-1185) in Early Modern Japan
  • Yingbai Fu, Dressing up the Manchu Way: Visual Representations of Women’s hair and dress in China and Beyond, 1850s-1940s
  • Yuet Heng (Janet) Wong, The Public Disseminations of Chao Shao-an (1905-1998)’s Art and the Construction of Geographical Identities among Cantonese communities across Asia-Pacific, c. 1950s-2010s.

Completed PhD Theses

  • Yin Hwang, The Depiction of War and Rebellion in the Print and Visual Culture of Late Qing China, 1884-1901
  • Shuchi Shen, Marketing the artist: the art of Qi Baishi (1864–1957) in the Peking Art World
  • Marine Cabos, Seeing Through Landscape: French photographic archives of China (1840s-1930s)
  • Malcolm McNeill, Narrative Agency in 13th-14th Century Chan Figure Painting: A Study of Hagiography-Iconography Text-Image Relationships
  • Tian S. Liang 梁天爽, Remodelling Modern Chinese Art: The Agency of the Syncretism, 1908-1936
  • Angela Becher, China’s urban monumentality in contemporary fiction, cinema and art
  • Justine Qing Chen, Mosques of the Maritime Muslim Community of China: A study of the mosques in the south and southeast coastal regions of China
  • Charlotte Chin-chi YANG, ‘Canon Formation: The Painting of Xu Wei and the Daxieyi Painting Lineage’
  • Yang FU, ʻRitual Furniture from the Qing Imperial Mausoleum -- a Reinterpretation of a Miaojin Box Set from the Yongzheng Period (1723-35)ʼ

Note to prospective doctoral students

I tend to take one or two MPhil/PhD students each year. Because of the tight framework for doctoral studies in the UK system (3 years of ‘active research’ + 1 year for ‘writing up’), I prefer my doctoral students—who have come from China, Taiwan, Singapore, the UK and Europe — to have first trained under me by taking my courses and writing a 10,000-word dissertation as part of an MA programme at SOAS, e.g., MA History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia, even if they already have a relevant qualification from elsewhere. Although my doctoral students usually work on China-related topics, I expect them to demonstrate interest in and facility with the theories and methods, especially formal analytical methods, current in the wider discipline of art history. The qualities that I look for in a prospective doctoral researcher include: visual acuity and the potential for a very high degree of visual literacy; composure in the presence of artworks; an ability to position oneself critically within the evolving global discourse of art history and to identify imaginative and appropriate interpretive strategies; sound sinological skills; and academic integrity and judgement.


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Authored Books

McCausland, Shane (2017) The Art of the Chinese Picture-scroll: Text/Image/Medium. London: Reaktion books. [Forthcoming]

McCausland, Shane (2014) The Mongol Century: Visual Cultures of Yuan China, 1271-1368. London: Reaktion Books.

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McCausland, Shane (2020) 'The Flight of the Dragon: Modernism in China and Art at the Last Emperor’s Court-in-exile'. Archives of Asian Art, (70) 1, pp 51-83.

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Edited Books or Journals

McCausland, Shane and Liang, Tian S., (eds.), (2016) Hong Ling: A Retrospective. Taipei: Soka Art.

McCausland, Shane, (ed.), (2015) 丁乙 : 何所示 / Ding Yi: What's Left to Appear. Shanghai: Shanghai shuhua chubanshe.

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Book Chapters

McCausland, Shane (2022) 'Wu Changshi (吳昌碩 1844–1927)'. In: Lovell, Julia and Harrison-Hall, Jessica, (eds.), Creators of Modern China: 100 Lives - From Empire to Republic, 1796-1912. London: Thames & Hudson. [Forthcoming]

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McCausland, Shane (2012) 'Copying and Transmitting, Knowledge and Nonsense: From the Great Encyclopedia to A Book from the Sky'. In: Pearce, Nick and Steuber, Jason, (eds.), Original Intentions: Essays on Production, Reproduction and Interpretation in the Arts of China. Gainsville: University Press of Florida.

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Book Reviews

McCausland, Shane (2015) 'Review of Tamara Heimarck Bentley, 'The Figurative Works of Chen Hongshou (1599 [sic]–1652): Authentic Voices/Expanding Markets''. China Review International, (19) 4, pp 569-571.

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McCausland, Shane and Liang, Tian S. (2016) 'Hong Ling: A Retrospective'.

McCausland, Shane (2015) 'Ding Yi Solo Exhibition: What's Left to Appear 《何所示: 丁乙个展》'.

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McCausland, Shane (2000) Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322) and the revolution of elite culture in Mongol China. PhD thesis. Princeton University. [Unpublished]


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