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Professor Scott Redford

BA (Princeton) MA (Columbia) PhD (Harvard)
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Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Mark Womersley, Post Medieval Monastic and Vernacular Architecture within Northern Ethiopia
  • Udomluck Hoontrakul, The Development of Political Economy and Social Formation of the Marginal Polities on the Salween River Basin, Northwestern Thailand During the first millennium CE to the mid-second millennium CE

Co-supervisor (with Zeynep Yürekli) of Zarifa Alikperova, University of Oxford. Thesis (working) title: "The Shrine of Rumi in Konya: Architecture, Politics, and Sufi Piety, 1270s-1570s."

Co-supervisor (with Bethany Walker) of Shireen El Kassem, University of Bonn. Thesis (working) title: "Mamluk Textiles: Changing Patterns in Mamluk Clothing and its Impact in the Mediterranean."

Second supervisor (with Lorenz Korn) of Ana Maria Grbanovic, University of Bamberg. Thesis (working) title: "Ilkhanid Stucco and Tile Revetment in Iran circa 1300. Function, Meaning, and Aesthetic Principles."


I'm interested in investigating cultural boundaries between the different communities that shared the geographies and cultures of the areas that now constitute Turkey, the southern Caucasus, northern Mesopotamia, Syria, and Iran in the medieval period (11-14th cs CE). This entails a 'big tent' approach to material culture, including traditional art historical subjects, but also numismatics, epigraphy, ceramics, and other fields allied with archaeology, landscape studies, and the architecture and archaeology of travel. My research has been supported by grants from the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the Getty Foundation, the Barakat Trust, the van Berchem Foundation, the British Institute at Ankara, the British Council Cultural Preservation Fund and other organizations.


Authored Books

Redford, Scott (2014) Legends of Authority: The 1215 Seljuk Inscriptions of Sinop Citadel, Turkey. Istanbul: Koç University Press.

Leiser, Gary and Redford, Scott (2008) Victory Inscribed: The Seljuk Fetihname on the Citadel Walls of Antalya, Turkey. Istanbul: AKMED.

Redford, Scott (2000) Landscape and the State in Medieval Anatolia: Seljuk Gardens and Pavilions of Alanya, Turkey. Oxford: Arcaeopress.

Redford, Scott (1998) The Archaeology of the Frontier in the Medieval Near East: Excavations at Gritille, Turkey. Philadelphia: University Museum Publications, University of Pennsylvania.


Bakırer, Ömür and Redford, Scott (2017) 'The Kubadabad Plate: Islamic Gilded and Enameled Glass in Context'. Journal of Glass Studies, (59), pp 171-191.

Redford, Scott (2012) 'A Twelfth Century Iron Workshop at Kinet, Turkey'. Byzas 15 - Byzantine Small Finds in Archaeological Contexts, (15), pp 385-392.

Redford, Scott (2012) 'Portable Palaces: On the Circulation of Objects and Ideas about Architecture in Medieval Anatolia and Mesopotamia'. Medieval Encounters, (18) 4-5, pp 382-412.

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Redford, Scott (2007) 'Kinet Höyük’te Bulunan bir Kase [A Bowl Found at Kinet Höyük] Proceedings of an International Conference on Turkish Art and Archaeology Konya: Selçuk University'. Konya Kitabi, (10), pp 537-542.

Blackman, M. James and Redford, Scott (2005) 'Neutron Activation Analysis of Medieval Ceramics from Kinet, Turkey, especially Port Symeon Ware'. Ancient Near Eastern Studies, (42), pp 83-186.

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Redford, Scott (1994) 'Thirteenth Century Rum Seljuq Palaces and Palace Imagery'. Ars Orientalis, (23), pp 215-232.

Redford, Scott (1994) 'Ayyubid Glass from Samsat, Turkey'. Journal of Glass Studies, (36), pp 81-91.

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Redford, Scott (1986) 'Excavations at Gritille (1982-1984): The Medieval Period. A Preliminary Report'. Anatolian Studies, (36), pp 103-136.

Edited Books or Journals

Redford, Scott, (ed.), (2014) Antioch on the Orontes. Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics. Istanbul: Koç University Press.

Redford, Scott and Ergin, Nina, (eds.), (2013) Cities and Citadels in Turkey: From the Iron Age to the Seljuks. Leuven: Peeters. (Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series; 40).

Redford, Scott and Ergin, Nina, (eds.), (2010) Perceptions of the Past in the Turkish Republic. Lueven: Peeters. (Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series; 31).

Book Chapters

Redford, Scott (2021) 'Inscribe and de-scribe/cipher and de-cipher : a pious phrase in medieval Byzantium and Islam'. In: Houston, Stephen and Bodel, John, (eds.), The Hidden Language of Graphic Signs: Cryptic Writing and Meaningful Marks. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 80-99.

Redford, Scott and Insoll, Timothy and Fenwick, Corisande (2021) 'Medieval Turkey'. In: Walker, Bethany, (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Archaeology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Redford, Scott (2020) 'Flags of the Seljuk sultanate of Anatolia: Visual and textual evidence'. In: Vryzidis, N., (ed.), The hidden life of textiles in the medieval and early modern Mediterranean : Contexts and cross-cultural encounters in the Islamic, Latinate and Eastern Christian worlds. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.

Redford, Scott (2019) 'Rum Seljuk Emir Mübarizeddin Ertokuş and his Madrasa: Reading Identity through Architectural Patronage'. In: Jevtić, I. and Magdalino, P. and Durak, K., (eds.), Identity and the other in Byzantium : papers from the fourth International Sevgi Gönül Byzantine Studies Symposium, İstanbul 23-25 June 2016. Istanbul: Vehbi Koç Foundation.

Redford, Scott (2018) 'Minaret Meets Portal in Mongol Anatolia'. In: Hillenbrand, Robert, (ed.), The Architecture of the Iranian World 1000-1250. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. [Forthcoming]

Redford, Scott (2018) 'Caravanserais, Roads, and Routes in Seljuk Anatolia'. In: Vandeput, L. and Baird, D. and Görkay, K. and Haldon, J. and Massa, M. and Mitchell, S., (eds.), Pathways of Communication: Routes and Roads in Anatolia from Prehistory to the Seljuk Period. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Forthcoming]

Redford, Scott (2018) 'One Man, Two Caravanserais'. In: Peker, A.U., (ed.), Ömür Bakırer’e Armağan/Festschrift for Ömür Bakırer. Ankara: Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Press. [Forthcoming]

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Redford, Scott (2015) 'Intercession and Succession, Enlightenment and Reflection: The Inscriptional Program of the Karatay Madrasa, Konya'. In: Eastmond, Anthony, (ed.), Viewing Inscriptions in the Late Antique and Medieval World. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp 148-169.

Redford, Scott (2015) 'Medieval Arsenals in Anatolia: Sinop and Alanya'. In: Ladstätter, S. and Pirson, F. and Schmidts, T., (eds.), Harbors and Harbor Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean from Antiquity to Byzantium. Recent Discoveries and New Approaches. Istanbul: Ege Yayinlari, pp 543-552.

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Redford, Scott (2013) 'Constantinople, Konya, Conical Kiosks, Cultural Confluence'. In: Ödekan, Ayla and Necipoğlu, Nevra and Akyürek, Engin, (eds.), Proceedings of the 2nd International Sevgi Gönül Byzantine Studies Conference. Istanbul: Vehbi Koç Foundation, pp 48-54.

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Redford, Scott (2012) 'Paper, Stone, Scissors: ‘Ismat al-Dunya wa’l-Din, ‘Ala’ al-Din Kayqubadh, and the Writing of Seljuk History'. In: Peacock, Andrew C. S. and Yıldız, S.N., (eds.), The Seljuks of Anatolia: Court and Society in the Mediaeval Middle East. London: I.B. Tauris, pp 151-170.

Redford, Scott (2012) 'Trade and Economy in Antioch and Cilicia in the 12th-13th Centuries'. In: Morrisson, Cécile, (ed.), Trade and Markets in Byzantium. Washington D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, pp 295-307.

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Book Reviews

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