Udomluck Hoontrakul

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BA (Silpakorn University, Thailand)
MA (Chiang Mai University, Thailand)
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Thesis title
The Development of Political Economy and Social Formation of the Marginal Polities on the Salween River Basin, Northwestern Thailand During the first millennium CE to the mid-second millennium CE


Udomluck Hoontrakul is a PhD candidate in History of Art and Archaeology at SOAS University of London under the supervision of Professor Ashley Thompson. Her PhD research focuses on the highland region between the Salween and Ping river basins and aims to understand political dynamics, social and cultural interaction between highlands and lowlands, the development of highland socio-political structure, and political entities between the first millennium CE and fifteenth centuries CE. She obtained a BA in Archaeology from Silpakorn University (Thailand), MA in Social Development from Chiang Mai University (Thailand), and MA in History of Art and Archaeology from SOAS University. Prior to PhD program, she taught archaeology, museum, and heritage at the Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University, Thailand.

Research interests

  • Southeast Asian Archaeology
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Museum

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