Guide to Freedom of Information publication scheme

Like other public authorities which are subject to the UK's Freedom of Information Act, SOAS is required by the Act to create and maintain a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.

A Publication Scheme must describe the information which an authority routinely publishes, how the information is made available, and whether any charges apply. SOAS has adopted the Model Publication Scheme for the public sector which was approved by the Information Commissioner in 2008 (replacing all previous model publication schemes).

The Information Commissioner has issued a Definition Document to assist universities in interpreting the model publication scheme. Public authorities are meant to use the Model Publication Scheme and the relevant definition document to produce a guide to the information which they publish.

SOAS's guide to information is structured according to the seven sections of the Model Publication Scheme:

The information listed in our guide is available to download from the SOAS website, unless the guide specifies otherwise. Ordering Copies explains when we charge for information covered by the Publication Scheme, and the charges which apply. Feedback and Complaints explains what to do if you are unhappy with any aspect of our implementation of the Model Publication Scheme, or with how your request for information under the scheme has been handled.

If you want to re-use data or information linked to from the Publication Scheme, SOAS has adopted the Open Government Licence for the contents of its Publication Scheme. This means that unless otherwise specified, you can re-use the material as long as SOAS is acknowledged. The usual exceptions to the licence apply (as set out within the licence). Note that research and material that the School already makes available commercially will not be covered by this licence unless otherwise specified and you should write to the Information Compliance Manager ( ) for permission if you wish to re-use such material.

Most of the information in our guide is published on the SOAS website. While the guide should cover the major categories of information on the website, the SOAS website is large and is frequently updated. If you are unable to find the information which you want through the guide, we recommend that you use the website's search facility.

Information which we do not publish under the Publication Scheme can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations, as appropriate: see Submitting a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information Request. Further information about the Freedom of Information Act and publication schemes is available on the website of the Information Commissioner.