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Dr Bi-Yu Chang

Key information

Department of Politics and International Studies Senior Teaching Fellow Centre of Taiwan Studies Deputy Director (Center of Taiwan Studies)
Department of Politics and International Studies
BA (Chengchi) MA PhD (City)
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Research interests

The central concern of my research has always been the politics of culture. It has led me to examine the complex interplay between knowledge and power, explore the relationship between culture, place, and identity, and investigate the thorny issues of recent decades, such as nation-building, independence, and cultural identity crisis in Taiwan.

In the past few years, I have been focused two dimensions of state involvement in identity construction, one is on Taiwan’s nation-branding project through post-war tourism, and the other on nation building via education reform. I have also extended my research interests into the issue of indigenous education. Overall, my research interests can be summarised as follows:

  • Identity politics and nationalism – cultural nationalism; identity politics and cultural regulation; nation building and nationalism; tourism and nation-branding; post-colonial studies.
  • Education and ideology: education and nation building; indigenous education; geography education 
  • Cultural geography – state spatiality; spatial identity; cartographic representation; state power and new town planning
  • Performing arts – traditional xiqu (particularly Beijing Opera); contemporary theatre; political theatre movement; Taiwanese cinema.


Research grants awarded

In recent years, I have twice been awarded with Taiwan Fellowship (2016, 2019). In 2016, I have been researching the politics of Taiwan’s tourism, unpicking the intricate relationship between identity, place, and power. The most recent research I am conducting is a new project “The Emergence of the ‘Tianran Du’ Generation and Education Reform” (臺灣教育改革與「天然獨」之崛起).  This project has again been awarded with “2019 Taiwan Fellowship.”  This research explores the phenomenon of the rise of ‘tianran du’ generation and its relationship with education reform.

Before this, I had been the convenor and a member of three joint research projects funded by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, including: Politics, Aesthetics, and Homeland Construction: A Re-examination of Taiwanese History of the Early Post-war Period (政治,美學,家/國建構:重探戰後初期台灣史) in 2010; Exploring the Cultural Faces of Taiwan in the 1950s (尋找台灣五O年代文化形貌) in 2009; Mapping Taiwan: Forgotten History and Selected Memories in Post-war Taiwan (擘畫台灣: 戰後台灣的遺忘與記憶) in 2008.


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