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Dr Cristina Martinez-Juan

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School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Research Fellow in Philippine Studies
MA (SOAS) Phd (University of the Philippines)
Russell Square: College Buildings
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020 7898 4062
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Cristina Martinez-Juan has a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. As an Associate Professor at the Humanities Department of the University of the Philippines, Cebu, she taught at U.P. before she moved to New York in 1996 then to London in 2013. In 2017, she spearheaded the creation of Philippine Studies at SOAS (PSS) under the Centre of South East Asian Studies. Philippine Studies at SOAS  is an interdisciplinary forum for Philippine-related teaching, research and cultural production in the UK.

With training in the Digital Humanities  from the University of Leiden  and the Interactive Telecommunications Program of New York, Cristina  has implemented a number of digital projects at SOAS that seek to not only provide open access to colonial archives  but also create avenues for sourcing and inscribing annotative knowledge from academic and cultural originators in the Philippines and South East Asia.

Ongoing Digital Humanities Projects include:

Digital Filipiniana (2018) and Mapping Philippine Material Culture (2020)

In June 2021, she will begin  working on a  knowledge-base  for Decolonizing South East Asian Sound Archives with an AHRC funded grant. (2021-2024).

Research interests

  • Philippine Post-colonial and Comparative Literature Studies
  • British Occupation of Manila
  • Philippine languages and linguistics
  • Ethnography of Communication
  • Writing systems
  • Southeast Asian Studies
  • Gender and Migration

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