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Dr Kevin Latham

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Department of Anthropology and Sociology Research Associate
BA (Oxon); MA, PhD (London)
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Anthropology of Media, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, postmodernism and poststructuralist theory, Chinese philosophy.  Dr Kevin Latham is also a visiting professor at Beijing City University.

Research interests

My recent research has been focused on Chinese media with particular attention to journalists working in newspapers and television in Guangzhou. I am also working on the importance of new media and communications technologies including the Internet and telecommunications.

In addition to my interests in media production, my earlier research on Chinese theatre (Cantonese opera in particular) dealt extensively with audiences, practices of appreciation and the production of different kinds of knowledge. Combined with my more recent media research this has also led me to work on practices of consumption, consumerism and popular culture.  I am currently also developing an additional new research project looking at media use among Chinese immigrants in Italy.

My research has raised theoretical issues of knowledge, performance, consumption, governmentality and mediated citizenship. Much of my work on media has also sought to question and complicate dominant stereotypical representations of Chinese media centred around the issue of propaganda and political control.


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