Accessibility at the gallery


We want to be open and accessible to all visitors to ensure that the widest number of people can enjoy the building, collections and exhibitions. We hope the following information will help you plan your trip to the Gallery. If you require any further information please contact us via:


The public entrance to the Gallery is located opposite the main SOAS campus. The gallery is fully wheelchair accessible with a ramp to the right of the entrance.

Wheelchairs are available to borrow on site, our team are happy to assist when requested.  


The Gallery has several spaces on three different levels, the ground floor, upper galleries lower galleries. The Lower and upper galleries are accessible by stairs and a lift. 


There is a wheelchair accessible toilet within the gallery, located at the back of the Foyle Gallery on the ground floor.  

Larger text 

A larger format of the text panels is available on request through the gallery on or via the reception desk. 


We are keen to hear your feedback. Email us on