‘Unfinished Business - Voices of the LGBTQIA+ Revolution’ Event 3 - ‘Solidarity is Our Weapon’

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5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Online on Zoom

About this event

SOAS is proud to launch the third event in our series ‘Unfinished Business - Voices of the LGBTQIA+ Revolution’ that focuses on practical tools to dismantle colonial homophobic laws. 

‘Unfinished Business - Voices of the LGBTQIA+ Revolution’ Event 3 - ‘Solidarity is Our Weapon’ - the struggle for LGBTQIA+, feminist and reproductive freedom in Poland with leading activists and scholars Monika Pacyfka Tichy and Magda Oldziejewska - active in overturning both the LGBT+ Free Zones and crackdown on abortion. Here we will explore Monika and Magda’s activism, the intersectional links between feminist/reproductive and queer activism, especially important in the time of rising TERFism and what the international community can do in support.

Monika Pacyfka Tichy: Rebel, activist, motorcyclist, feminist. Photographer, writer, traveller, journalist. Once a promoter of young talented racers, they quit motorcycle sports when the far-right-catholic party took over rule in Poland, in 2015. And it was urgent to take care of more important things: defending democracy and human rights. Most of their fight is for acceptance and equality of Queer people. Organises Pride Parades, psychological support and crisis help to survivors of patriarchy and queerphobia, and funding transitions. Member of Make Poland Queer Again. Leader of Lambda Poland Foundation. Loves: their Chosen Family, Woodstock/Pol'and'Rock Festival, original The Witcher books and movies by The Wachowskis.  

Magda Oldziejewska: Polish queer feminist activist, writer, and researcher at the University of Essex, living in London since 2006. Her activism focuses mainly on reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights and is closely linked to her identity as a Polish migrant. She is a member of several queer, feminist activist groups in London, including FARSA and Make Poland Queer Again. She writes about feminism, radical spaces, and activism on her blogs (angelsandwitches.com and Herstory Diary) and other, collective platforms (eg, farsapl.wordpress.com, alfa-fem.com). She will be speaking about her Polish activism in London since 2016.

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