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Ping-cheng T'ung In Memoriam: Dr. T’ung Ping-cheng 佟秉正

T’ung Ping-cheng truly cared for people. He was sociable but not brash, had humility but was never obsequious, had certainties in his views but never sought to force them on others.  He was a lovely man, a pleasure to work with and a privilege to have known.

15th May 2020

Languages for Lockdown

Have you always wanted to try to learn a language but never had the time? Well the new ‘SOAS Languages for Lockdown’ project invites everyone on a journey with the languages of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

5th May 2020

SOAS Music Student interviewed on BBC Newshour

SOAS Music PhD student Hugo Hadji was interviewed on the BBC World Service Newshour show, where he talked about the life and legacy of famous Algerian singer and musician Idir 

4th May 2020

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