SOAS named 2nd in the UK for international faculty

SOAS University of London has been ranked as one of the most international universities in the UK, according to the latest QS league table of universities

The School ranked second for the International Faculty Ratio which reflects the proportion of faculty members from around the world.  

This means that SOAS is home to one of the most international groups of academic experts in the UK, specialising in Asia, Africa, and Middle East. 

One of the top universities for student diversity 

The QS 2024 league table also highlights student diversity at SOAS, ranking SOAS 21st in the UK for its International Students Ratio, which measures the proportion of students from outside the UK. 

The QS League Table is a highly regarded annual ranking system that evaluates and compares universities worldwide based on various key indicators. The rankings provide insights into the performance and reputation of universities globally. 

Strong employment prospects for SOAS graduates 

The rankings also reveal the impact of the School’s research and the strong employment opportunities that our students enjoy once they graduate, ranking SOAS about the global average for 'Employment Outcomes' (see graph below). 

Professor Laura Hammond, Pro-Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange, said: “These results are a testament to SOAS’s international appeal for academic staff, underscoring our ability to attract top-notch international talent due to its academic reputation and quality. They also reveal our appeal to students worldwide who enrich the community that our students enjoy. 

“We are committed to providing our students with a world-class education and engaging with global academic talent to further enrich the institution's intellectual vibrancy.” 

Charts above: These charts present the ratios and indices included in the ranking calculations for SOAS, compared against the global median results. They highlight the university's strong performance in various aspects of global engagement and academic quality.