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Centre for Development Policy and Research

Centre for Development Policy and Research (CDPR)

The Centre for Development Policy and Research (CDPR) draws on the broad range of development expertise at the School of Oriental and African Studies to engage in innovative policy-oriented research on crucial development issues.  The Centre partners extensively with development specialists in the Department of Development Studies and the Department of Economics.

CDPR regularly publishes Development Viewpoints, Policy Briefs and Working Papers, which draw on background research by SOAS faculty members. These popular formats are designed to support critical thinking, spark discussion and debate, and highlight policy-relevant advances in research on major development issues.

‘Brazil in Focus’ Publications

CDPR has recently launched a new series of publications under the title of ‘Brazil in Focus’.  It will concentrate initially on Economic Policies and draw on the work of researchers both at SOAS and in institutions across Brazil.

Labour Regimes in India and China

CDPR also continues to disseminate project papers from the ESRC-DFID Project ‘Labour Standards and the Working Poor in China and India’. See papers below. This project was led by researchers in the Department of Development Studies at SOAS. (For popular publications from this project see Development Viewpoints #77, #78, #79, #80, #81 and #83).

Assessing Global Economic Trends

CDPR has used the global macroeconomic model, the CAM, to produce a series of Policy Briefs analysing recent global economic trends, making medium-term projections and offering alternative policy-oriented scenarios. In this work, CDPR has collaborated extensively with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies in Brussels and contributed to the AUGUR and FESSUD FP7 research projects of the European Commission.