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World Art (Africa, Asia and Europe)

World Art is about the art and architecture of Asia, the West and Africa.  In three sections, the module introduces each region’s distinctive visual cultures, traditions, modernities and explores common themes such as the artist, patronage, spiritual power and gender. Issues concerning the display and representation of art works are also considered. Most tutorials take place in central London at the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Victoria & Albert Museum.  Our inter-disciplinary approach draws from history of art, anthropology, archaeology and museology.

Topics studied include:

South Asia: the Buddha image and the stupa; Hindu temples and sculpture; Mughal art; painting and prints in China, Korea and Japan; 20th and 21st century Asian art.

Africa: origins of art, rock art; kingdoms of Nubia, Benin, Kuba; eastern Africa’s classical stone architecture; figurative sculpture; personal adornment; masquerade; dynamics of 20th and 21st century art worlds.

The West: Western Art and the canon; Classical (Greek and Roman) architecture and sculpture; the Italian Renaissance; British Art; French Impressionists; Modern and contemporary art.


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