International Development Studies

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Term 2
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Foundation College

Module overview

This is an interdisciplinary field drawing on anthropology, economics, politics and other social science subjects The module starts by explaining different ideas concerning the nature of development and examines different ways of measuring the concept.

It then explores varying approaches to understanding the nature of poverty. An analysis of the social, economic and political legacies of the colonial period and their relevance to contemporary developing countries is made.

Other topics of current importance to development are examined on the module including development and environmental sustainability, food security and famine, refugees and migration, the role of civil society, the relationship between democracy and development and the effectiveness of microfinance initiatives.

Case studies are used on the module

  • The East Asian Miracle, focusing on the successful development of Japan, South Korea and China
  • Industrial development in Africa, focusing on Ghana and Tanzania
  • Gender issues in China, India and Nigeria
  • Cultural and environmental movements in Latin America, focusing on Buen Vivir
  • Microfinance in Bangladesh


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