International Marketing (UG)

Key information

Start date
End date
Year of study
Year 2 or Year 3
Term 2
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FHEQ Level
School of Finance and Management

Module overview

International marketing plays a key role in constructing and communicating the value of an idea, experience, brand or product to the markets and wider audience in wider global contexts. The aim of this module is to provide a theoretically driven set of themes and cases which will provide a foundation for understanding the role international marketing plays in business and society.

The module uses case studies to strengthen the subject matter and instil knowledge, intellectual, practical and transferable skills. Case studies will be drawn from the perspective of the specific contexts (China, Korea, Japan, Middle East, Africa). The module also attempts to decentre the perspective from mainly Euro-centric into a more inclusive approach.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

  • To develop students’ critical thinking in the rapidly changing, but critically conditioned marketing environment
  • To develop students’ intellectual skills of arguing and justification
  • To develop intellectual skills of the students to understand and analyse research reports in a critical and discursive manner.
  • To equip students’ transferable knowledge and skills required to develop either a career in marketing or to appreciate marketing activities in a global context.
  • To understand the importance of decolonialisation through a marketing lens
  • Being able to recognise and use reliable sources and publications in order to back up arguments and discourses.


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