Thai Language 3

Key information

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Module overview


Thai language 2

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The objectives of the module are to equip students with

  • the ability to understand Thai spoken at normal speed and converse on everyday topics with reasonable accuracy and fluency
  • the ability to read/translate/summarize/extract information/draw inferences from authentic Thai texts drawn from a range of sources
  • the ability to make written translations of passages from English into Thai using correct grammar and spelling
  • the ability to write essays in Thai presenting reasoned arguments

At the end of a module, a student should be able to demonstrate

  • a knowledge and understanding of Thai grammar at an appropriate level for an advanced learner
  • a level of passive and active Thai vocabulary appropriate for an advanced learner
  • an ability to understand spoken Thai and engage in discussion and exchange of views on a broad range of topics
  • an ability to read, extract information from and translate into English passages of authentic Thai written in a variety of styles and drawn from a wide range of sources
  • an ability to translate English to Thai, using correct grammar and spelling
  • an ability to write expository essays in Thai on a variety of subjects


This module is taught over 22 weeks with 3 hours classroom contact per week.

Scope and syllabus

The syllabus provides the materials and learning environment for the student to build upon the skills acquired in Thai 2

Method of assessment

  • one three-hour written examination taken in May/June (70%)
  • a 20 minute oral examination taken in May/June (20%)
  • regular written homework assignments (10%)
  • The exact assessment deadline dates are published on the relevant module Moodle/BLE page

Suggested reading

The materials for this module will be supplied by the teachers


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