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Tailored Tuition in One-to-One or Small Group Classes


Covid-19 Update: Tuition will take place via online teaching. On campus tuition may be available in some cases.

One-to-one or small group (up to 5 students) classes can be delivered at any level, from beginner to advanced, and can focus on the kind of language you want to learn; be it for translation, academic research, or to be able to interact confidently with speakers of the language when visiting the target language country.

For corporate clients, tuition can focus on the kind of language clients will be required to master and use: for giving presentations, understanding the language of business contracts or legal documents, negotiating with business counterparts, or being able to interact confidently with speakers of the target language on social occasions.

A specifically tailored course is the solution if you are unable to attend one of our scheduled language courses or want to make sure that the course content perfectly matches your language learning needs. Your tailored tuition class will be taught by one of our expert native speaker language teachers and the syllabus content will be designed to match your learning objectives.

Current & Former Clients
  • Crossbridge
  • Canopius
  • Hearst Magazines International
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Savills
  • CIT Bank
  • UK Government Organisations

This is what one Senior Executive had to say about his tailored intensive course:

In April 2018 I had an intensive Chinese refresher course at the SOAS Languages Centre.

It was excellent that the teachers originated from different locations (Xian, Beijing, Taiwan) so that their different accents provided variety and fresh challenge in each session. Despite the intensity of the study, the variety of approaches meant that I did not feel tired or overstretched.

I found this brief period of intense study extremely helpful as it successfully achieved my short term aim of restoring a good portion of my forgotten vocabulary and refamiliarizing me with the core Chinese characters. I would certainly recommend this type of intensive course to others.

Merlin Swire

Chief Executive

John Swire & Sons Ltd"

For those who have applied for scheduled classes that cannot run because they do not reach the quorum, we can help to arrange bespoke small group tuition at a competitive price.


Please note that we have a favourable tariff of fees for group tuition, as follows:

One-to-One tuition: £85-£110 per hour * 

Two-to-One tuition: £120 per hour

Group tuition (3-6 people): £150 per hour 

* The rate differs according to whether the learner is self-funding (£85) or subject to corporate training (£110).

There is an additional fee of £20 per session for the teacher's travelling time/expenses, if tuition does not take place on SOAS premises.

Higher prices may have to be charged depending on the nature of the classes and the materials required.

How to Apply

After you have chosen your target language, complete an Application Form.

If you are not a complete beginner, please also complete the Needs Analysis Form so we can gauge your current level.

Before paying the course fees, carefully read our Terms and Conditions for Tailored Tuition.

Submit the completed application form to the relevant Language/Region email inbox where they will be processed and we shall respond to you promptly.

In the unlikely event that we cannot immediately offer you a class, we shall discuss alternatives with you.

Please Note:

  • We require payment in advance by bank transfer or credit card for a minimum of 10 hours tuition, if opting for 1 or 2-hour sessions, or 10.5 hours if opting for 90-minute sessions (i.e. 7 sessions of 90 minutes).
  • An invoice can be issued to an employer/sponsor in advance once we have confirmation in writing that your employer has agreed to pay all costs.
  • Our discounts do not apply to tailored tuition, only scheduled courses.
  • You will not be charged for cancellation, if we are informed with at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • You may ask for a 'fallow week' to factor in holiday arrangements or to make allowance for busy times at work. The Language Centre asks for at least 24 hours notice (during the working week), in such an event.
  • There are no term dates in effect with bespoke tuition.
  • Bespoke tuition is not ordinarily available on Saturdays and not available under any circumstances on Sundays if tuition is taking place on campus. If tuition is online then some teachers may be available to teach on these days.