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Economic Policy Research Centre
The EPRC looks at economic and development policy research and policy analysis. Site includes full text research papers.

Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission
Based in Nairobi, the Commission is responsible for conducting/supervising referenda and elections.

Institute for Education in Democracy
NGO promoting democratic elections in Africa.

Kenya Human Rights Commission
NGO promoting human rights and democratic values.

National Council for Law Reporting - Kenya
Includes Kenya Law Reports and other legal documents.

National Museums of Kenya
This is multi-disciplinary institution collects, preserves and documents Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage.

Swahili Forum
Published since 1994 Swahili Forum is an international peer reviewed journal for Swahili Studies.

Tanzania National Website
Government website providing information about Tanzania in both Kiswahili and English.

Tanzania Online
Tanzania Online is a gateway to information on development issues in Tanzania.

Uganda Bureau of Statistics
The central statistical office in Uganda which collects, analyses and disseminates statistical data.

Uganda. Parliament
Parliamentary site. Includes full text of selected issues of Hansard.