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  • Refugees and Migration
    • Refugee Council
      A UK charity for refugees in the UK – free policy and research publications.
    • European Council on Refugees and Exiles ECRE
      An alliance of 82 NGOs protecting and advancing the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons. Useful for news and policies for refugees in Europe including free downloadable papers.
    • AIDA (Asylum Information Database
      Joint project of the ECRE, Forum Refugiés-Cosi, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the Irish Refugee Council. Provides up to date information on asylum practice in EU member states particularly procedures, reception conditions and detention. Individual country reports include: statistics; legal framework and asylum procedure.
    • The UN Refugee Agency
      Website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – wide range of resources including data and statistics on asylum trends, relevant RSS feeds, legal and operational publications.
    • The Refugee Project
      An interactive map of refugee migrations across the world each year since 1975 which uses UN data plus contextual information and histories of the major refugee crises of the last four decades.
    • International Rescue Committee
      All the information about the work of the committee including advocacy, latest crisis information and a blog on humanitarian action and development.
    • Migration Letters
      Letter-type journal publishing short accounts of new original research on migration issues with an interdisciplinary perspective. Bi-annual.
  • Poverty and Aid
    • World Bank: Poverty
      Strategy, projects, news and data relating specifically to the World Bank’s work on poverty.
    • Brooks World Poverty Institute
      Based at the University of Manchester and bringing together poverty researchers from across disciplines; resources include policy briefs, working papers, lecture podcasts and news.
    • ONE
      International campaigning and advocacy organization acting to end extreme poverty and preventable disease particularly in Africa. Website includes a blog, data reports and policy analyses on topics such as debt, water and sanitation and agriculture.
    • Institute of Development Studies – Aid
      Useful links to projects and publications on the work and research of IDS relating to Aid.
    • AidData
      Collects, curates and publishes data on development finance from bilateral and multilateral agencies – fully searchable database includes over 1 million development finance activities.
    • OPHI – Oxford Poverty and Human Development Index
      Economic research centre within the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development. Includes fully accessible working papers, research updates, briefings and podcasts.
    • Aid Watch Blog
      A project of New York University’s Development Research Institute, which although now closed, includes archives of useful posts and links to other related blogs.
    • World Food Programme
      The food aid arm of the UN working to promote food security and eradicate hunger and poverty.
    • UNU-WIDER (United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research)
      Multidisciplinary research and policy analysis on structural changes affecting living conditions of the world’s poorest people – freely downloadable working papers, policy briefs and annual lectures.
  • Conflict / Violence / Human Rights
    • Human Rights Watch
      An independent international organization - freely accessible world and regional reports.
    • INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute)
      Located in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ulster – encompasses work on conflict from disciplines such as politics, history, international affairs, sociology, communications and peace and conflict studies. Includes regional and thematic guides and Ethnic Conflict Research Digests.
    • International Alert
      Freely available reports of this peace building organization, also includes a blog for news, opinions and debates from conflicts around the world and a Conflict Ideas Forum.
    • International Committee of the Red Cross
      Includes a resource centre for publications, films, databases, photos and annual reports relating to their humanitarian work for people affected by conflict and armed violence.
    • IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks)
      Provides the latest humanitarian news and analysis from across the world – includes regional pages, in-depth analysis, weekly reports.
    • Amnesty International UK
      The world’s largest grassroots human rights organisation.
  • Agriculture / Environment
    • Climate Change Policy and Practice
      Managed by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to provide news and information on the work of the UN and other organizations in responding to climate change.
    • International Institute for Environment and Development
      Freely accessible briefings and reports of the work of this international development and environment policy research organisation as well as blogs and news.
    • United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
      A document library includes freely accessible Trend Reports, Issue Briefs, Meeting and Background Reports of the commission’s work.
    • World Bank – Environment
      Freely available data, projects, programmes and research from the World Bank’s work on the environment.
    • Environmental Data Explorer
      Datasets used by the United Nations Environment Programme including national, regional and global statistics for themes such as Forests, Emissions, Climate Disasters. Data can be displayed as maps, graphs and data tables.
    • FAO - Agricultural Development Economics
      Focal point for the UN Food and Agricultural Programme’s economic research and policy analysis for food security and sustainable development. Includes latest publications and news, activities by theme and links to current and past projects.
    • IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)
      Includes a browseable archive of field stories from programmes and projects supported by IFAD and its partners.
    • UN-Water
      The United Nations inter-agency coordination mechanism concerning freshwater and sanitation. Freely available resources on topics such as water and gender, water security and water resources management.
  • NGOS
    • Choike NGO Directory
      A directory of NGOs and platform for groups to disseminate their work. NGOs are listed by topic such as Communication, Environment and Human Rights.
    • InterAction
      Alliance organization of NGOs with 180 members across the world – includes news, a document library, member directory with links to NGO websites and a blog.
    • OneWorld
      International NGO with a focus on innovating internet and mobile phone applications that can be used in the poorest parts of the world.
    • Oxfam
      All the news of Oxfam’s fundraising and project initiatives across the world.
    • WANGO
      Includes a worldwide NGO directory, conference news concerning NGOs and grant writing advice.
    • fundsforngos.org
      Pulls together announcements and information about funding competitions and sources from across the web and provides free alerts on funding availability.
    • Oxfam publications
  • Gender
    • BRIDGE
      A research and information programme within the Institute of Development Studies Knowledge Service which aims to make gender knowledge accessible - includes the Global Resources Database with over 3000 specially selected gender documents across regions and topics.
    • UN Women
      UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. Website includes news, policy and project information and a fully searchable digital library.
    • International Labour Organization – Gender Equality and Diversity Branch
      Promotes equality between men and women – links to data and reports and resources by region
    • World Bank – Gender
      Key reports, data, research, news and blogs from the World Banks gender site.
    • Gender & Development Network
      Membership network made up of UK based NGOs, consultants and academics who work on gender, development and women’s rights issues.
  • Labour / Globalization / Urbanization
    • International Labour Organization
      Promotes rights at work and decent employment opportunities – links to databases for labour statistics, meeting documents, working documents, magazines and newsletters related to labour across the globe.
    • International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
      Issues addressed include Child Labour, Forced Labour and the Global Economy – free online documentation includes WTO reviews, resolutions, ITUC Reports and Trade Union Guides.
    • UN Habitat
      A UN programme to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development. Themes include legislation, mobility, water and sanitation and planning and design - publications are freely downloadable.
    • UNCTAD – Globalization and Development
      The Globalization and Development Programme of programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development includes documents and news relating to the international debate on globalization and its consequences for developing countries.
    • Global Policy Forum
      The globalization pages of the Global Policy Forum explore Globalization from the perspective of economy, culture, politics and law.
    • Urbaninfo
      Database for urban development indicators from across the world.