Company information can be found using specialist databases which we subscribe to- such as DataStream and Oriana. See the Data and Statistics page for more information and to access. Alternative resources on company information are listed below:

Company Profiles (MarketLine) - EBSCOhost
Search over 10,000 Company Profiles from MarketLine on EBSCOhost, featuring the most important global companies. You can also search over 2,400 Industry Profiles that are updated annually. MarketLine reports cover the automotive, consumer, energy, financial services, healthcare and technology sectors.
More details from Ebsco Support .

Company information, news and share prices. This US based site contains details on over 65,000 companies worldwide with varying levels of detail. Some information is only available to subscribers.

The Annual Reports Service
This is a free service providing access to annual reports and other information on over 3000 selected global companies.

Northcote (UK companies only)
This online research tool links you to free listed company information, including Financial Reports, Webcasts and Press Releases.

Companies House (UK companies only)
A database of all UK registered companies, provides access to publicly available documents about these companies for which there is a charge.