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    • Cambridge Histories Online
      Includes Cambridge History of Japan
      On campus use / Off campus use
    • Mobilizing East Asia Online
      The resource offers a selected range of essential English-language newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and books published in East and South-East Asia from the turn of the twentieth century to the 1950’s. Content includes developments in 1930's Manchuria, the Second World War years in Japan and China, the communist revolution in China and its aftermath, and the nascent Cold War
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  • Web resources
    • East Asian History Sourcebook
      A wide range of freely available online resources available through the Internet History Sourcebooks Project (Fordham University, New York)
    • Japan Air Raids
      Bilingual site created by academics at City University (New York) with an online archive of documents, film reels and photographs about the bombing of Japan during World War 2, from both Japanese and American perspectives.