Finding journal articles in Korean

Full Text databases
  • KISS [Korean-studies Information Service System] [SOAS ID/PW required] Scholarly articles mainly in Korean, published in some 3,500 journals from 1,200 research institutions in Korea since 1945. Covers all subjects in social sciences, humanities and natural sciences.
  • DBpia [SOAS ID/PW required] Journal collection. Contains 1,200,000 articles from 1,200 scholarly journals. Covers all subject areas. Especially strong in humanities, social sciences, and engineering.
  • Kdatabase [SOAS ID/PW required] Journal articles and e-books on Korean history (modern and contemporary), including archive documents during the Japanese colonial period and the U.S. military government, and reference resources on North Korea.
  • KP journal [SOAS ID/PW required] 30,000 articles from 18 academic journals on science in North Korea.
Bibliographical citation databases