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A database which provides access to selected full text case law for East Africa (including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). It includes the following areas to search:

  • LawAfrica Law Reports (LLR) is a comprehensive database of reports from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Includes decisions from the Supreme Court of Uganda, The Court of Appeal of Uganda, the Court of Appeal of Tanzania and the Commercial Court in Tanzania, The Court of Appeal in Kenya and the Commercial Court in Kenya. Various decisions from the other high court levels are included. The database is updated on a weekly basis
  • Digest on Civil Case Law & Procedure deals with cases arising from judicial review and constitutional matters.
  • The East Africa Law Reports (EALR) contains full text of the latest and most important decisions from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and landmark decisions from the COMESA Court of Justice (Lusaka, Zambia) covering 1957-2010.
  • East Africa Court of Appeal Reports (EACA) holds decisions from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania from 1934 – 1956. The reports comprise of cases compiled by Puisne Judges and Magistrates, a Registrar of the High Court and a Registrar of the Court of Appeal for Eastern Africa.
  • East Africa Protectorate Law Reports (EAPLR) covers the protectorates of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania from 1909 to 1933. They consist of cases determined by the High Court of Mombasa, the Appeal Court at Zanzibar, and by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, on appeal from that Court. They also contain appendices containing notes on native customs, Appeal Court rules, legal practitioners rules, High Court rules and circulars.
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