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Online Burma/Myanmar Library
The Online Burma/Myanmar Library contains an index to full texts of individual documents about Burma on the Internet. It houses a collection of articles, conference papers, theses, books, reports, archives and directories.

The Burma Campaign UK
The Burma Campaign UK campaigns for human rights and democracy in Burma. The website contains news, reports, campaigns and general information on Burma. There is also a list of related websites.

The Myanmar Times
This is the website for the Myanmar Times, an international weekly newspaper. The site is available both in English and Burmese.

This is the official government website. It contains information on tourism, business, religion, e-government projects and news.

The Irrawaddy
This is the online version of the Irrawaddy Journal. It includes articles and latest news, with an emphasis on human rights and the political situation. Archives of news and articles can be searched as far back as 1997.

Democratic Voice of Burma
This website covers reports and news relating to Burma. It also contains features and interviews. It is available in Burmese and English.

Burma Netnews
Burma Netnews provides daily listing of news headlines relating to Burma. The archives go as far back as 1994.

Prospect Burma
Prospect Burma is a charity based in London. Their mission is to invest in the democratic future of Burma through its young people. The website contains details of their scholarship and related news.

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