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Vietnam War bibliography
This website contains an extensive bibliography on the Vietnam War divided by subjects. It was created by Edwin E. Moise.

Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center
This site is intended as a comprehensive information center for those students, scholars, and community members interested in Vietnamese culture and history as well as the adaptation of the Vietnamese diaspora across the world.

Vietnam law documents
A Selection of Vietnamese law documents, in Vietnamese and English.

Localized Poverty reduction in Vietnam (1998-2003)
This website provides Information on policies and activities regarding poverty reduction in Vietnam. Produced by the Center for Human Settlements at the University of British Columbia.

Directory of State Organisations of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
This directory was created by the United Nations Development Programme in 2000.

CIEM : Central Institute for Economic Management
The Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) is a national institute under the direct authority of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Its functions are: to undertake research and put forward proposals and recommendations on economic laws and regulations (institutions), policies, planning and management mechanisms, business environment and economic renovation; in addition to research, it gives training and re-training to economic management staff and provides consultancy services in accordance with the laws and regulations.