Resources by country - Malaysia

This is a very popular Malaysian site (available in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil as well as English) that offers an alternative view to the mainstream Malaysian press, particularly on political and social matters.

Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
This is the website for the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. It contains information on membership, journal’s content and monographs.

Sejarah Melayu
This website traces the events from the first Malay kingdoms, the renaissance of the Melaka Empire to independence in the 1960s.

Berita Harian
This is the Malay online version of the newspaper. It covers the latest news.

Malay Concordance Project
The site covers the study of Malay manuscripts and Malay texts. The website is run by Australian National University. It focuses on research and includes contact details of academics all around the world, abstracts, news, links and papers.

New Straits Times
This the online version of the New Straits Times, a daily newspaper in English.

The Star
This website is the online version of The Star, Malaysia’s other main English language daily newspaper.