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Charlie Gore
Department of History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

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Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies


Dr Charles Gore
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Dr Charles Gore received advanced degrees from SOAS under the supervision of Professor John Picton. He has carried out extensive research in southern Nigeria for 20 years at Benin City in Edo state working with practitioners of the local indigenous religion and with brasscasters; and also carried out research in Anambra and Ondo states; and in the Niger delta. He was the consultant for Artist Unknown (1995) a BBC film made about the arts of Benin City. Along with doing research as an art historian and anthropologist, he works as an artist (figurative, expressionist) in various media (oil, watercolour, pastel, mixed media, etching, monotypes, photography).


PhD Students supervised
  • Atsushi Ikeda, Portraying the Guru: Art and Identity in Sikhism
  • Daphne Ang, The Production and Patronage of Portraiture in Colonial Singapore
  • David Malik, Urban Art Forms in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and their Roles in the Making of Diasporic Identities in Communities in London, United Kingdom
  • Helena Cantone, Decolonising the Visual Archive of Salvatore Fiume (1915-1997): Italian Encounters with Postcolonial Africa
  • Maeve Nolan, Early Silk Road photography: A case study of how and why Dr. Maynard Owen Williams, Litt. D. (1888-1963) photographed the Silk Road during the Citroen-Haardt Trans-Asiatic Expedition (1931-1932)


Benin studies and West Africa; African art; African visual cultures, including the mass media such as African photography, film, video and the internet; performance, religion and ritual in contemporary African societies; approaches to "popular culture" and its relations to regional/global knowledges; linkages between Africa and its diasporic arts; indigenous approaches to health and healing.


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Authored Books

Gore, Charles (2007) Art, Performance and Ritual in Benin City. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.


Gore, Charles (2015) 'Intersecting Archives: Intertextuality and the Early West African Photographer'. African Arts, (48) 3, pp 6-17.

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Gore, Charles (1997) 'Remembering R.E.Bradbury: An Interview with Professor Peter Morton-Williams'. African Arts, (30) 4, pp 36-45.

Book Chapters

Gore, Charles (2018) 'Yoruba Remixed: Wole Lagunju'. Yoruba Remixed Wole Lagunju. Capetown, South Africa: Ebony Gallery, pp 2-7.

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Book Reviews

Gore, Charles (2012) 'Review of 'Osogbo and the Art of Heritage: Monuments, Deities, and Money' by Peter Probst'. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, (75) 2, pp 431-433.

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Gore, Charles (2006) 'Africa Remix: Contemporary Art of a Continent [Exhibition]' Journal of Museum Ethnography.


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