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Professor Deniz Kandiyoti

BA (Paris); MSc, PhD (London)
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Kandiyoti, Deniz (2007) 'Old Dilemmas or New Challenges? The Politics of Gender and Reconstruction in Afghanistan'. Development and Change, (38) 2, pp 169-199.

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Edited Books or Journals

Kandiyoti, Deniz and Saktanber, Ay┼če, (eds.), (2002) Fragments of culture : The everyday of modern Turkey. London: IB Tauris (UK).

Kandiyoti, Deniz, (ed.), (1996) Contemporary Feminist Scholarship and Middle East Studies. London: I.B. Tauris.

Book Chapters

Kandiyoti, Deniz (2003) 'Pathways of Farm restructuring in Uzbekistan: Pressures and Outcomes'. In: Spoor, Max, (ed.), Transition, Institutions and the Rural Sector.. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (USA), pp 143-162.

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Kandiyoti, Deniz (2001) 'The Politics of Gender and the Conundrums of Citizenship'. In: Joseph, Suad and Slymovics, Susan, (eds.), Women and Power in the Middle East. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press (USA), pp 52-58.

Kandiyoti, Deniz (2000) 'Foreword'. In: Joseph, Suad, (ed.), Gender and Citizenship in the Middle East. New York: Syracuse University Press, pp xiii-xv.

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Monographs and Working Papers

Kandiyoti, Deniz (1999) How to Get it Wrong in Rural Uzbekistan: An Ethnographic Critique of Household Survey Categories. London: .

Kandiyoti, Deniz (1999) Poverty in Transition: An Ethnographic Critique of Household Surveys in Post-Soviet Central Asia. London: Centre for Development Policy and Research, Discussion Paper 1299.


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