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Samia Bano BA (Oxford Brookes) MA (Greenwich) PhD (Warwick)
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Dr Samia Bano
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Samia joined SOAS as a Senior Lecturer in Law in September 2013. Prior to this appointment Samia taught at the University of Reading (2006-2013) in Family Law, Gender and Law (LLB) and Research Methods in Law (LLM) where she was also appointed deputy director of research.  Samia’s research interests include the practice of Muslim family law in the UK and Europe, multiculturalism, citizenship, Islamic jurisprudence and human rights and issues concerning the rights of Muslim women and gender equality. She has published widely in this field and is author of Muslim women and Shariah Councils: Transcending the boundaries of Community and Law (Palgrave MacMillan December 2012) and has recently completed a research project for the Ministry of Justice entitled, ‘An exploratory study of Shariah Councils in England with respect to family law’ (2013). Samia has also worked as a researcher on a number of social and policy projects and acted as an advisor for a number of working groups. She is an editorial board member and the book reviews editor for the feminist journal Feminist Legal Studies and is currently completing her second book monograph entitled, Muslim Religious Arbitration and Civil Law in Britain. Her new research project is investigating the rise of Muslim legal services and the practice of Muslim Marriage in the UK.


Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Anisha Thomas, The Erasure of 'Normal' Violence in the Production of Rape as a Crisis
  • Anisha Thomas, Understanding socio-cultural contexts surrounding rape trials in India. (Lead Supervisor)
Research Courses Taught
  • Research Methods in Law


Muslim Family Law in UK and Europe, Family Law, Multiculturalism, Citizenship, Islamic jurisprudence and human rights, Feminist and Critical Social and Political theories; Issues concerning the rights of Muslim women and gender equality.


Authored Books

Bano, Samia (2012) Muslim Women and Shari'ah Councils, Transcending the Boundaries of Community and Law. London: Palgrave MacMillan.


Bano, Samia and Pierce, Jenifer L. (2013) 'Personal Narratives, Social Justice and the Law'. Feminist Legal Studies, (21) 3, pp 225-239.

Bano, Samia and Pierce, Jennifer, L. (2013) 'Personal Narrative, Social Justice and the Law: An Introduction'. Feminist Legal Studies, (21) 3, pp 225-239.

Bano, Samia (2010) 'Multicultural Interlegality? Negotiating Family law in the context of Muslim legal pluralism in Britain'. Current Legal Issues, (12) 3, pp 125-142.

Bano, Samia (2008) 'In pursuit of Religious and Legal Diversity: A Response to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Sharia Debate in Britain'. Ecclesiastical Law Journal, (10) 3, pp 268-309.

Bano, Samia (2007) 'Islamic Family Arbitration, Justice and Human Rights in Britain'. Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, (10) 1, pp 2-26.

Bano, Samia (2007) 'Muslim Family Justice and Human Rights: The Experience of British Muslim Women'. Journal of Comparative Law, (1) 4, pp 1-29.

Bano, Samia (2000) 'Legal Pluralism and Muslim Family Law in Britain'. Journal of South Pacific law, (4) 6, pp 1-32.

Edited Books or Journals

Bano, Samia, (ed.), (2016) Women, Mediation and Religious Arbitration: Thinking Through Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes. Hanover; London: Dartmouth Press (University Press of New England).

Book Chapters

Bano, Samia (2017) 'Agency, Autonomy and Rights: Muslim women and ADR in Britain'. In: Bano, Samia, (ed.), Women, Mediation and Religious Arbitration: Thinking Through Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes. Hanover; London: Brandeis University Press, pp 46-76.

Bano, Samia (2016) 'Conclusion: Framing and Reframing the Narratives and Practice of Mediation and Religious Arbitration in Plural and Multicultural Settings'. In: Bano, Samia, (ed.), Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes: Women, Mediation and Religious Arbitration. Waltham, MA: Brandeis University Press.

Bano, Samia (2016) 'Introduction: “Women, Mediation and Religious Arbitration: Thinking Through Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes”'. In: Bano, Samia, (ed.), Women, Mediation and Religious Arbitration: Thinking Through Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes. Hanover; London: Brandeis University Press, pp 1-24.

Bano, Samia (2013) 'In the Name of God? Religion and Feminist Legal Theory'. In: Davies, Margaret and Munro, Vanessa, (eds.), The Ashgate Research Companion to Feminist Legal Theory. England: Ashgate Publishing, pp 157-177.

Bano, Samia (2013) 'Muslim Dispute Resolution in Britain: towards a new framework of family law governance?'. In: Maclean, M. and Eeklaar, J., (eds.), Managing Justice in Diverse Societies. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp 61-88.

Bano, Samia (2012) 'Muslim Women, Divorce and Shariah Councils in Britain'. In: Mehdi, R and Neilsen, J. S and Menski, W, (eds.), Interpreting Divorce Laws in Islam. Denmark: Djoef Publishing.

Bano, Samia (2011) 'The Practice of Law-Making and Forced Marriage: What is the role of the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal?'. In: Gill, A. and Anitha, S., (eds.), Forced Marriage: Introducing a social justice and human rights perspective. London: Zed Books.

Bano, Samia (2011) 'Muslim Marriage and Mahr: The experience of British Muslim Women'. In: Mehdi, R. and Neilsen, J.S., (eds.), Embedding Mahr in the European Legal System. Copenhagen: DJOF Publishing.

Bano, Samia (2011) 'Asking the Law Questions: Islamophobia, Agency and Muslim Women'. In: Karim, A. and Sayyid, S., (eds.), Thinking Through Islamophobia. London: Hurst Series.

Bano, Samia (2010) 'Tackling 'crimes of honour': Evaluating the social and legal responses to combating Forced Marriages in Britain'. In: Idriss, M. and Abbas, T., (eds.), Honour, Violence and Islam. London: Routledge.

Bano, Samia and Patel, Pragna (2010) 'Zoora Shah Judgement'. In: Rackley, E. and McGlynn, C., (eds.), Feminist Judgements: from Theory to Practice. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Bano, Samia (2010) 'Beyond the Sacred and Secular: Muslim Women, the Law and the delivery of Justice'. In: Banakar, R., (ed.), Rights in Context: Law and Justice in Late Modern Society. Abingdon; New York: Routledge.

Bano, Samia (2009) 'Shariah Councils and Resolving Matrimonial Disputes: Gender and Justice in the 'Shadow' of Law'?'. In: Gill, A. and Thiara, R., (eds.), Violence Against Women in South Asian Communities. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, pp 182-210.

Bano, Samia (2005) 'Standpoint, Difference and Feminist Research'. In: Banakar, R. and Travers, M., (eds.), Theory and Method in Socio-Legal Research. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp 91-112.

Bano, Samia (1999) 'Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Customary Law in Britain'. In: Yuval-Davis, N and Werbner, P, (eds.), Women, Citizenship and Difference. London: Zed Books.

Monographs and Working Papers

Bano, Samia (2012) An exploratory study of Shariah councils in England with respect to Family Law. Ministry of Justice / University of Reading.


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